Thursday, December 16

snow snow snow

still continuing with my agony of not being able to take outdoor photos, i braved it awhile ago and decided to get these shots for today. this was after work already so im kind of stressed and tired-looking, teehee!

the snow has pretty much taken over our backyard and for some reason, it's reflecting this blue-ish tint in my camera so i apologize for the photos. not only was it dark already but my camera has poor abilities to capture detail. hahaha!

outfit: vintage coat, gap denim shirt, garage leggings, danielfootwear boots, talula beanie

see what i meant? these photos are epic fail!!

Comment of the Day: Kalyana Dewi
It still okay although you can't do photoshoot outside. Love your tee :)
and, where are you from? What country, if I may know? In my country, there is no winter. *sob
I'd like to see your outdoor photos, plus the snow :)

hi! i live in canada as of the moment, but i also used to live in a tropical country (philippines) and we only had wet and dry season there. i really miss how it is there with the weather. i don't know.. i've never really learned to love the snow here. i even miss it more especially because the holidays are coming! i miss the food, the cool (not chilly-i-can-get-a-frostbite) nights and the fireworks!


  1. Yay, snow! (: aww.. I do also love out Holiday weather here, but I think there is something so magical about a white Christmas! I totally envy you, haha.

  2. Oh gosh, so much snow and ice here too! I hate how it gives off the blueish tint in photos, I always have to adjust! It just makes it look that much more cold, hehe! But you look so cute - I love your layered looks!

  3. Eeep! It looks soo coold!!! I haven't seen snow like that in a long time!

    You look great! Love the layers!

  4. i'm terribly envious of all that snow... it's so hot here in tropical manila! :P

    kisses from the philippines!

  5. hey sybil! i still think you look great, photo issues or not. i love the snow and i miss living in it! it makes everyone look so rosy :)

    Beneath the Glass

  6. It is summer in South Africa and I would love to be where you are now.

  7. LOL snow er'where! cute pics, don't know how you managed taking pics in our weather, so kudos!

    xx raez

  8. Your coat is gorgeous! I love the collar so much!

  9. I give you major props and an A+ for effort for taking pics of your stylish outfit outside! It's SO cold here in Canada, eh? (Oh boy, talking like a Canadian now hehe.) I love the coat :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. You look so cute in the snow! It does look like a winter wonderland there. It's just raining a whole bunch here. You don't look tired or stressed at all!


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