Saturday, December 18

from one party to the next...

after work, i attended a christmas party last night at montana's with some nurse friends.

my battery ran out after dinner just when we headed to ken's place for some karaoke and jello shots. so it's too bad i dont have pictures to share of that! but, i was able to take outfit photos the other day at work...

outfit: joe fresh style sweater, h&m scarf, talula skirt, gojane shoes, ardene tights

tights pattern

scarf knits

just a short post today, i still need to take a bath and prep for another party tonight! aaahhh!!!! one week more and it's christmas!!! anyone excited??

Comment of the Day: Raez
LOL snow er'where! cute pics, don't know how you managed taking pics in our weather, so kudos!

hahaha!! snow indeed!! i used to take snow photos all the time last year here in my blog; i'd just take off my coat and give myself a minute or two to set up the timer and be outta there as soon as possible. this year though, it's so rare for me to do that since both before and after work (the only times i can take decent shots), it's dark outside already.


  1. awww you look adorable. what delish food.

  2. i like your outfit n.n!

    wau party and partyand party haha cool xD

  3. omgsh your food photos at 2am do me completely no good! looove the photo with the adorable holiday hats :P

  4. I have those tights! I love how you paired them! Bravo!

  5. Aww cute outfit. I love your tights especially, such a pretty pattern.

  6. Great tights-and-oxfords combo! :D

  7. Love the H & M infinity scarf I have it in shades of gray :) I also absolutely love the tights :)


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