Wednesday, December 15

failed attempts..

i've been trying to be a good blogger by putting a bit of an effort to take photos of my outfits. however, it's been tough since the winter season has come.. mostly because, it's too dark outside and my indoor shots have been such a fail!

here's my attempt to share with you my outfit today. all of these photos are taken indoors so forgive the bad quality. i just can't seem to find the right camera mode to make the photos clearer.

outfit: tminx cropped top, zara trousers, sirens boots, aa circle scarf, suzy shier jacket

i get so jealous whenever i see other bloggers with nice outdoor shots in the snow. aaaahhh... if i only had the tools and the time to do that, my outfit posts would be so much better, yes?

Comment of the Day: Melai
Sybil! It's been a while. :) Gosh, you're getting lovelier and lovelier! :) I loooove those boots! You're sooo cute :)

definitely been a while no? i dont know why i haven't been blogging as often as before. work is kind of taking over my life nowadays. hahahaha! thanks for still visiting my blog!


  1. Ahh it's those pants again..! I seriously want them sooo baaaad. <3 you look super chic Sybil, cool na cool. Haha. And I love seeing outfit pics in the snow (makes me daydream about being able to do that myself) and it would be awesome to see you do it, too. :D

  2. Sybil! I love those pants too. I don't have a nice pair of pants anymore. I feel like I don't look good in them! You rock those pants!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. I love those pants and the jacket is so cool...too:) Hugs and kisses

  4. Cute! I love the scarf you pull them off so well!
    Also what I do since it is darker now
    is over the weekend I take pictures of outfits I am going to wear that week. Then post them when I wear them! it is so much easier since for me I have way more time on the weekends then the week!

  5. Hello there.
    It still okay although you can't do photoshoot outside. Love your tee :)
    and, where are you from? What country, if I may know? In my country, there is no winter. *sob
    I'd like to see your outdoor photos, plus the snow :)

    have a nice day ahead

  6. i loooove your jacket!!!! :) snow photos would look awesome too, perhaps when you're already outside like just about to enter the office? ask the first person who comes along, haha! i'm already super jealous of your upcoming snow pic :) haha


  7. Aww you should try taking photos in your bathroom/room again :) Remember those days? hehe! Anyway, you look chic despite of it all! Those pants are so cool!

  8. I looove this outfit! Seriously cute :)

    KF x

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  10. I love these pants!!! Super cute blog too - and Canadian? Awesome!!



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