Sunday, December 19

cakes and karaoke!

last night, i went out again with a couple of my girlfriends for dinner, dessert and late night karaoke! first stop was at dessert sinsations. i ordered grilled tuna taco and share a white chocolate candy cane cheesecake with one of my friends.

my friend got kung pao salad and their homemade caramel latte. as for desserts, the rest ordered a mango cheesecake and the chocolate brownie cheesecake both of which were also so so delicious!

afterwards, we headed to muz, a karaoke place by corydon for some major singing! hahahaha!

Comment of the Day: Chandra / Modern Day Charm
I have those tights! I love how you paired them! Bravo!

awesome!! :D it's been awhile since i wore those tights.. they've been hiding in my closet! hahaha! :D gonna try to wear them again soon!


  1. MMMMMM that food is making me drool as i type. nom nom nom hahah
    btw those karaeoke individual rooms are the besttt!!


  2. food and karaoke! my fav past times!!!

  3. i want your tuna taco. i'm having late night hunger right now, haha. i love these girls night outs :)

  4. Fab pics and the food looks amazing!! xx

  5. Oh my goodness, all of this food looks absolutely delicious! And it looks like you guys had fun :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  6. karaoke is always so much fun with friends! lol

  7. Looks like you had a blast!! The food looks delicious, never been. Definitely must go now!

  8. looks yummy!!!!!!


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