Tuesday, December 14

Oh Marc!

After showing you my latest knee high boots in the last post, I decided to check out the site I got them again, Daniel Footwear. I purchased them on sale and I'm so happy I got them fast since they're sold out now, I believe.

While browsing thru, I discovered that they're offering Marc by Marc Jacobs in the site already! The Marc By Marc Jacobs collection has arrived at DanielFootwear.com just in time for the party season. Premium clutch bags, totes, luxury leather shoe boots and flats with the solid gold Marc Jacobs logo plaque – you just simply cannot say no.
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If I can just get my hands on that purse!! Aaaahhh! If you, yourself, are planning to get it, I can definitely attest to the site's great customer service and efficient shipping.

Women's Shoes by Marc Jacobs - Too BLOODY IRRESISTIBLE


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