Tuesday, December 7

aahhh.. the holidays..

i just finished watching glee!!!! did anyone else catch it? aahhh!!! so many aaawww moments, such a great holiday episode. didn't enjoy all of the songs, but the storyline is really touching.
anyway, a number of you commented on the same sentiments you're having at this time of the year.. too many parties, not enough weekends.. last minute gift shopping and the fact that christmas is coming too soon! i couldn't agree more..

im quite proud to say that im done my shopping and i've saved this weekend for just wrapping my presents! weeehhh!

outfit: clothes swap shirt, f21 trousers, aldo wedges

Comment of the Day: maggeygrace
YES! My weekends are getting nutso. It's upsetting. So busy in fact I barely have time for blogging! I love your dress layered with that tee, you look so cute!

i have been trying my best to update this blog too!! aaahh... busy busy busy.. but i would have to say, good kind of busy.. im able to catch up with family and friends with all the parties going on so i like it. :D


  1. You're super lucky you've finished with everything! I feel like I can't even concentrate on Christmas and shopping until finals are over, which only leaves me a week until Christmas! Yikes!

  2. BUTI KA PA. I can't even think of gift-shopping right now, I am so broke! Haha. I'll probably just get my boyfriend and my best friend a gift, then I'm all set. :p

  3. Lol. I'm ALMOST finished... sort of.
    Weird comment but we TOTALLY have the same rug LOLOL. The one youre standing on!

  4. Really love your outfit:) So sweet
    Kisses, my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Holiday Parties!

  5. Glee make me tear up, ughh I'm turning into my mother

    Love the trousers!

    BTW I'm hosting a giveaway: http://www.indcfashion.com/2010/12/my-first-giveaway.html

  6. i love glee! unfortunately i wasn't able to watch it last night but i'll be having a copy of the episode later. soOo excited!=)

    and speaking of christmas shopping, i still haven't started it yet. cramming-mode again. good for you, you're already done with it. congratz! have a merry christmas!

  7. Love your shirt hun! Being busy is good! Mwah xx

  8. I love those trousers! They look comfy yet so chic! I think I might be close to finishing my Christmas shopping, but that's just because I'm going out of town next week!

  9. Thanks for the suggestion :D I think you're right, everything will be much cheaper there so why waste luggage space? I took out 2 pairs :D

    Anyway, I wish you a safe and lovely Christmas :) Til' next year <3


  10. december is just TOO busy! i cannot believe it!!! hope u have a merry xmas sybil :)

  11. Hi dear! Amazing blog, I really like it! Following! Follow back? Kiss

  12. Oh my gosh, I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! Oh boy!

    ps; You always look so put together. I love this look on you!

  13. AH! I have always, always wanted to be your comment of the day, secretly! This just made MY day! You're so sweet. I wish I could pull off a white button down like you can:)

  14. almost all done except for one thing that i'll buy at heathrow before flying home :) my sister is the big shopper so she buys the presents from me for others too and i just give her the money - personal shopper so to speak.

    love your simple and chic outfit in those pics. very nice!



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