Monday, December 6

one weekend, three parties!

wow.. is it just me or have your weekends started getting so jampacked with parties, activities and/or last minute xmas shopping? just this weekend, i attended a friend's bday dinner at moxie's downtown.

saturday night, one of my nephews celebrated his 2nd bday so my family and relatives got together for the event. afterwards, i was invited to another house party to celebrate my friend's bday. since i was so full already, all i ended up doing there was getting some drinks! hahaha!

sunday night was no rest day either. a few weeks back, arianne invited me as her plus one in their annual company christmas party. so we went for dinner at her supervisor's place and then headed to the christmas social by confusion corner.

and ooohh!! another outfit post!! i only got to take photos of the ensemble i wore last sunday and it's also a repeat look, but who cares right? hahaha! it's been awhile since i wore this dress anyways.

outfit: sirens bodysuit, voom by joy han dress, payless tights, aldo wedges


  1. My weekends are starting to get really busy too! Love that dress on you :)

  2. the holidays are always full of busy weekends! and busy weeks for me right now since exams are coming up! =p

    i really really like those wedges!!

  3. Nakakatuwa how "traditional" the kid's party is. Pinoy na Pinoy! And now I'm hungry. :p

  4. Have you gotten thinner? I love the dress over shirt look! So cute!

  5. I am too much of a wuss to wear skirts in the winter so all my holiday outfits will invlove pants! I love the sweetheart neckline on the dress it is my fave.

  6. agreed! The weekends are too short recently! But, I guess I'd rather be too busy than bored lol! You look lovely Sybil! xx

  7. Lovely dress, you party animal! That food is making me hunnnnngrrryyy...

  8. hi girl!!!!!!!
    ahhh tis the season to be social! I love going to friends and family homes to eat their food. hahaha it's the best part of the holidays. It's not the gifts, but the amazing parties! U look really cute in the last picture. always so happy :)

    xmas is coming up so sooooon!!!!! it's already the 7th! when did that happen? hahaha


  9. YES! My weekends are getting nutso. It's upsetting. So busy in fact I barely have time for blogging! I love your dress layered with that tee, you look so cute!

  10. how fun! love the red, jean and black (including hair) combo... looking fab!

  11. lovely dress. look so fun


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