Saturday, December 11

package haul post!!

this year, i decided to buy most of my christmas gifts online. of course, i just couldn't resist getting some items for myself too! eeepp, bad, i know!! so here goes another haul post.. believe me, i received way too many packages this month that my room was just full of boxes before i started wrapping them. hahaha!

asos boots that i have yet to use (they're suede so i'm scared to step them on snow)

military inspired jacket c/o threadsence

graphic tee c/o outlaw tees that i forwarded to the bf last week

daniel footwear knee high boots (which i have been using all the time).
that's about it! hopefully, i'll take outfit photos next week. this weekend is just too cold (-30 celsius) and im glad i decided to just stay here at home at start wrapping holiday presents!! weeehhh!!!

Comment of the Day: Tieka, Selective Potential
Oh my gosh, I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! Oh boy!
ps; You always look so put together. I love this look on you!

aahhh.. last year, i went thru the hassle of last minute shopping so this year, i told myself that i need to get it early either in the malls or thru online stores (ordering them late november). im now happy to say that im half way thru christmas wrapping!! weeeehh!!!


  1. Yeah I'm doing the last minute shopping first time ever I usual have them sorted and wrapped by now, I love that wrapping paper :) So cute. Oh I love ASOS a bit too much haha

  2. Haha I have so many shopping bags / boxes in my room too.

  3. ohh love getting packages in the mail!!!!

    yay for getting christmas shopping done! i have tons left to do!

  4. Wanna see you wearing the ASOS boots! I'm in-love with the military jacket. It's my first time to do Christmas shopping online. I miss the rush but it's better than being stuck in traffic for hours hehe. :D

    Lee []

  5. I love all this box pics! so exciting! xxx

  6. Good decision about online shopping. :) Christmas rush is terrible. :)

    The boots and jacket are awesome. :)

  7. I absolutely adore the military jacket hon! Glad I came across your blog! If you get the time, please visit mine - I think you might like it ;))) If you do, just like any blogger, I appreciate comments and if you like it THAT much, then followers :D Have a nice day xxx

  8. Lovely post!
    Ahhh so excited for Christmas!
    Ella Jasmine

  9. wow!!! i'd love it if my room were filled with lots of online purchases *drool* can't wait to see your boots!


  10. omg i'm currently waiting on 2 packages atm! i'm so excited to get them.. LOL i'm so sad!! if you have a spare moment I would love it if you visited me :)

    F. (

  11. ooh lala! i love getting packages in ze mail, even if you know what's in 'em! cute purchases:)

    xx raez


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