Thursday, November 11

more sushi anyone?

i was finally able to try out this all you can eat sushi place just by downtown. i've heard of wonderful reviews about it as a buffet style japanese place and boy was i not disappointed!

sushi gen is located just by portage avenue right across the university of winnipeg and i think it's very convenient for students, office workers or anyone just visiting downtown. they offer a great variety of dishes with almost 120 items in their menu, ranging from sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, tempura, meat and seafood dishes and a bit of soup-appetizers-dessert.

when i went there, i was with a couple of my girlfriends and i think it's really the best way to go there. being that it's buffet style, it's nice to be able to share whatever you got with the rest of the people in your table (i like doing that to be able to taste a bit of everything).

at first, they serve you hot tea and then, the whole menu is open for you to get your food! and when i mean all you can eat, i mean you can get all kinds of sushi, sashimi and other japanese dishes. i like that a lot since some buffet restaurants only serve exclusively sushi and they rip you off by putting too much rice in a roll. here, you don't get that!

i think i'm set for my sushi cravings for the next weeks ahead, but when i start craving for them again, i know where to go back and get it!!!


  1. OMG!!! the sashimi is sooooo thick and fresh!!!

  2. ahh I love sushi super much !
    they look delicious

  3. whoaaa the last two photos are sensational! look how thick the salmon sashimi is! yuuuummmm...

    ps. I forgot to answer your question. The AA blouse I wore in the video was sheer. I wore a light gray tank underneath :)

  4. Hhmm wow all the food looks so yummy, eventhough I don't like fish very much. But these all look so good that I would taste them anyway :)

  5. omg... mouth watering! will have to try this place out, never heard of it!

    xx raez

  6. ok, now I'm STARVING!

  7. Was just out for sushi and we were talking about this place! Definitely want to try it out.

  8. I love sushi and that looks amazing!

  9. yummy i love to eat them its really cool wow

  10. that sushi are sooo making me drool!!!ahah

  11. Thay all look really really yummy. Sushi is one of my favorite food. My lunch buddy is pregnant, meaning she's not allowed to eat raw fish for the next nine months. Geez.... What a pity...

  12. woah those sushi looks really delicious ! argh you made me craving for sushi noww ! hahhah , great blog by the way :)

  13. NOW I'm starving! I love sushi!

  14. many amazing looking mouthwatering sushi.

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