Sunday, November 14


im too lazy to think of a blog post title. hahahaha! anyway, i know i've been away for a couple of days mostly because my overtime hours have left me feeling so tired at the end of the day. that and because i've been busy doing my christmas shopping this weekend.

outfit: old navy sweater, ae jeans, zara wedges, talula beret c/o aritzia
oh, i forgot to tell you.. i was able to catch up with some old friends last wednesday. since it was a stat holiday the following day, we opted to get together for some wings.

i can't believe monday is here again!! aaaahhh!!! im just glad it's mid-november and the holidays are so near!!! :)


  1. i'm getting hungry by just looking at this, makes me jealous. :) you look cute!!!

  2. Oh no, I shouldn't have looked! I'm so hungry now!

  3. Aww, you look so cute with a beanie!

  4. You look beautiful!!! those wings look delicious!!

  5. I know what you mean..can you believe its already monday? Ughh. But you seem to have started the week out perfectly with this beautiful sweater on, and my favorite - chicken wings!! Im so jealous right now. x

  6. your shoes look really cute, love your blog!


  7. im starving already . nyahahah .

    im liking your blog . please do visit mine if you do have time :))


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