Wednesday, November 10

just a quickie!

hey everyone! i've been so busy lately at work. claims have been pouring in our office so im scheduled to do overtime hours the whole week. i was hoping i can take photos of my outfits but alas it's already dark whenever i get home (and i hate taking indoor photos). here's a snap pic of my outfit today.

outfit: gap sweater, old navy skirt, gojane oxfords, joe fresh socks
it's remembrance day tomorrow so that means no work for me! i'll definitely be back with my food tripping thursdays feature and hopefully, an outfit post for friday. bye for now, lovelies!


  1. Your bright smile is the perfect icing to your outfit, its the first thing i noticed:-)

  2. Cute hun! Hope things get better for you, I know what its like to be soo busy, its hectic! xx

  3. That is such a sweet outfit...Love the skirt
    Kisses my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a sweet t-shirt and tote GIVEAWAY today,so please join in :)

  4. haha, you look so cute! i sometimes take photos inside the restroom too!

  5. wow this is cute! well, i hope your bright top pulls in the good vibes for you not to be stressed with your work <3 lovelove

    Taradiddles of a Style on a Budget

  6. adorable picture :) love the bright pink


  7. I love how you wore that long necklace!

  8. love the socks! makes a work outfit fun!


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