Tuesday, November 9

care for some denim?

i've been in my current job for about 3 months now and it's only this time that i've worn jeans! hahaha!! yes, i only own about 2 decent pairs of denim and maybe a couple more that are so worn out that i use them just to run errands around the city.

i'm really not that comfortable with jeans to be honest so if i can wear loose trousers or more often, skirts/dresses, i'd do that everyday. plus, i can't find a good pair that's affordable and has the perfect length for me. it always boils down to me having it cut or having to cuff it like right now with this outfit.

outfit: suzy shier jacket, kismet loose tee, aa circle scarf, forever 21 jeans, gojane oxfords
i decided to even go a bit street and urban with the leather jacket and the tie dye circle scarf i got from chic swap.

oh btw, i went to meet up with one of my girlfriends, Arianne, last weekend. she's off to toronto for a 5-day vacation so i thought it would be nice to hang out in a nearby lounge before she leaves. i got some chicken quesadillas and fried cheesecake!

Comment of the Day: Jess
Lovin' all of your recent finds! I've hardly had any finds lately, but Etsy has a whole bunch of amazing stores... must resist!

ooohh really? haven't checked etsy stores for the longest time! i've been wandering around ebay lately trying to find cheap boots and blouses.. anyone here knows of any good ebay or etsy sites? i would prefer those that carry sizes for curvier girls like me! :D


  1. You are adorable! You look cute in jeans :)

  2. ur soooo cute, i loooove the cufff'd look on jeans rite now

  3. You look cute.
    Best outfit I've seen you in yet. :)

  4. great layering look, you totally pull them off awesomely <3


  5. I feel your pain with the jeans length! I like the idea of cuffing the hem but they seriously make my ankles look chunky :(

    Anyway, don't you love it when you can wear jeans to work? ;) You look comfortable yet appropriate for work. Btw, how's work so far?

    Your friend is coming to Toronto, but why can't YOU?!?!?! :'(


  6. Great outfit. It's actually a little strange to see you in jeans. I like them though, I always have to cuff my jeans too!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  7. cute outfit! i love the rolled up jeans look.

  8. Your smile is so, so infectious. I love it. It made me smile.

    Love your outfit- simple can go so far and you're workin it. I love your rolled jeans! i want to try this! I may have to tomorrow. And could your oxfords be any more perfect?:)

  9. loving this look! so into oversized scarves right now and those folded jeans are the cutest!

    twitter: @FASHION_ICE


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