Monday, November 8

online wardrobe

oohhh haven't done these kinds of posts in a long time. i've been quite obsessed with online window shopping lately since i'm starting to look into possible gifts for the people in my christmas list. it's been so tempting because even though my main purpose is to find gifts for other people, i end up just filling up my own wishlist. selfish much? hahahaha!




what are your great finds lately?

Comment of the Day: ellevictoire
love that denim bustier! would love to wear it with high wasted pants and skirts :)

thanks! i forgot to mention that i actually got that denim bustier from zara trf thru chic rewards. im totally looking forward to layering it with some tops and pairing it with some high waisted bottoms this season!! :D


  1. Lovin' all of your recent finds! I've hardly had any finds lately, but Etsy has a whole bunch of amazing stores... must resist!

  2. GREAT BAG!!

    One Love,

  3. I do the same thing. It's impossible to check around for gift to others without finding a lot you want for yourself.

  4. Oh Lord, I want all the items you picked from ZARA and Oasis! The green trousers and caramel riding boots are making me droooooool! :D

  5. i want all the ones from zara. havent set foot into their store for such a long time! hahaha. no idea what stuff they are selling now. in fact i havent been to malls for a long time.

  6. I'm so behind on your blogs Syb! Love your Zara wedges from your previous post and you're sweater is soo cute. And that heart cardi?! Love love love!!

  7. yeah, i love the 1st set from zara! i'd totally wear all of those. drools.:)

  8. Oooooh great finds!

    Check out the GIVEAWAY on my blog!!!

  9. WHOA. I'm loving all these items you picked out for your wishlist!! I want them too!


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