Friday, November 5

and another one of those..

im trying to make the most out of my wardrobe right now by just layering pieces that i have used over the summer. the weather has been quite nice this week and im just grateful that we're still on the positive temperatures.

outfit: old navy cardigan, h&m lace skirt, top c/o clothes swap, payless tights, keds sneakers

oh and btw, here are some things that arrived in my mail in the past few weeks. im still waiting for one of my chic rewards from threadsence but it still hasn't arrived. it's been a month already and im afraid that it got lost somewhere.. :(

flat buffer brush from ebay (my first time buying there, hahaha!)

paul brown hawaii flat iron

clothes swap package from kristy!

lip balm from taylor

oh and btw, remember this post about steadyguy? well, i have about 5 25%-off vouchers to their online store. if you're interested, feel free to email me (address in my sidebar) and i'll pass them to the 1st 5 people to message me.


  1. this makes me want to go on a shopping spree =P

  2. I'm always so jealous of all the packages that are constantly arriving at your door! You look so cute and preppy in today's look! I too am trying to make the most of my closet :)

  3. Thats whats happening to me! I redeemed a chic reward three weeks ago and i still havent got it!
    so i sent a little message to them asking if there may have been a mistake.. and she told me to be patient... rudely :(
    anyways thats my little story, hope you get your's soon because maybe that means I'll get mine!

  4. Love your lace skirt!! Hope you have a lovely Friday xx

  5. adorable outfit! love the H&M lace skirt, and how your paired tights with sneakers. :)

  6. WHat a beautiful look! The skirt adds just the right amount of frill!

  7. really cute outfit! it has this school girl touch to it, maybe because of the white blouse and sneakers :)

  8. Too cute! That skirt is so lovely:D

  9. How adorable are you?! and hasn't the weather been AMAZING, so glad you're soaking up the fall sun as well! xxx

  10. The brush looks exactly how I imagined a badger hair brush (something I read about in an Anne Gracie novel) would look like. So cool. I love receiving packages too!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea


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