Thursday, November 4

a random occurence

im not really the biggest fan of steaks. actually, in 3 years of dating the boy, we really haven't gone to a steak house or ordered steak in any menu we have come across with. i don't know, i just feel like it's too heavy and i'm always so used to my rice with meat and maybe i'm just the chicken type of person.

but for thanksgiving (weeks ago), i opted to order something special for dinner since it was almost a good way to culminate my weekend getaway in the mountains. patrinos steak house was a nearby restaurant from our inn when we were in canmore. when we got there, we even thought of just going to the lounge but im glad we ended up in the main restaurant.

i got the surf & turf: shrimp, steak, rice and veggies; while the boy got salmon. it was such a hearty meal for the both of us. my steak was cooked just the way i liked it and the salmon tasted so fresh especially with the hint of lemon!

aaahhhh.. ok.. did this post make you hungry or what?! hahaha!!! maybe i'll get steak again one of these days...


  1. ... I just ate dinner and now I'm going to go eat more. SYBIL WHY DO YOU TEMPT ME? :( Anyway, that little joint looks so romantic and adorable! Seems like the food was excellent (obviously) and that you had a lovely time <3

  2. woww looks delicious :)
    you make me feel hungry haha

  3. haha i dont even know what a steak house is! im pretty sure we dont have them in australia! You two look so cute x

  4. i LOVE steaks!!! and goodness, the salmon looks so delish! im getting hungry right now.

  5. I'm actually not a fan of steak too! It's just so..chewy and way too much meat for me! I love my chicken :) Salmon sounds so good right now though!

  6. mmm - Im salivating! WOW. How are you matey - its been a long time?? Last time I was on your blog - you had a family emergency, Hope all is well now!

    Yours Truly


  7. Looks great, I hope you had a great time. I'm definately the chicken type of person. I have to say, I love the way we both have 'confessions' in our blog names

  8. yummy food!!! I just had pancakes, haha

  9. now that i'm even hungrier than I was before this post (with nothing to eat) lol ...the food looks VERY lovely.


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