Saturday, November 6

them wedges..

so here's the deal.. some of you have requested a closer second look to these new wedges i got from zara and the good thing is i recently wore it with this outfit. so of course, i went on to take outfit photos!

outfit: vintage knit sweater, talula skirt c/o aritzia, zara wedges, payless tights
i wore it to work and my supervisor was asking me how i could walk on them.. to be honest, they're pretty sturdy, especially since they are wood wedges and there are hidden platforms in front of the shoe.

i have a bit of a concern though. i don't know if it's just me, but for some reason my right foot fits better than my left one with this pair. i read somewhere that technically speaking one foot is bigger than another so im guessing my left foot is the bigger one, eh?

i have even resorted to double checking if i got the same size for the left and right shoe, hahaha! so yeah, if you have any tips for me on how to easily loosen up the left shoe, i'd really appreciate it in the comments section.

Comment of the Day: Fifth Sparrow
How adorable are you?! and hasn't the weather been AMAZING, so glad you're soaking up the fall sun as well! xxx

aaahh yes.. the weather has been amazing indeed!! :D im loving this positive temperatures lately.. and the sun is just perfect after i get home from work to take outfit shots!!! oh and im glad that im having that extra hour to sleep this weekend (fyi: daylight savings time!!)


  1. I DIED. Holy cow those wedges. I may be in love. <3 I love how you colour blocked this look. Super duper adorable :)

  2. lovely boots :) :)

  3. hello gorgeous. totally loving the looks and that wedges is totally to die for <3


  4. Those wedges are beyond! I LOVE them as well as your sweater:D
    Your comment on my latest post really made me smile!

  5. Great outfit, love the sweater, and the wedges are stunning.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  6. Put a partially filled quart bag of water in the one that's tight and pop it in the freezer for a few days! After a few days, remove it from the freezer and let the bag thaw. Volia, you should have a slighty streched out boot!
    So cute by the way!!=)

  7. well, what can i say , the shoes are too amazing and i totally in love with them!!! and you look gorgeous per se! :D

  8. lovely wedges!
    by the way, I came across Michelle Phan's youtube tutorial a while ago and i thought it might help you with the left shoe issue, heres the link if u want to try it out :)

  9. Simply amazing!!! I love those wedges!!!! They are absolutely gorgeous :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  10. Those wedges are incredible! Lovely look. <3

  11. Okay, it's official. I need a pair of those wedges.

  12. those wedges are gorgeous :) they make any outfit chic!

  13. adorable boots. you can never go wrong with a good pair of wedges.

    xx raez

  14. Cute wedges! Glad to hear they're comfortable to walk in! Hmm, perhaps you can try stretching the left shoe out? Or did you measure to make sure they were even? Haha I measured my foot awhile back using one of those store measuring foot things, and I guess either my left or right is slightly bigger (forgot which).

  15. I like the combination of the sweater and skirt. You're so cute!

    P.S. Re: ASOS, the first time I purchased something from there, I wasn't charged duties. The second time; however, I paid about $60. So, you never really know. Both packages arrived in about two business weeks.


  16. wow, the wedges are just gorgeous! I love the wooden wedge heel! I would never realize that if you didn't post a close-up shot. I love subtle details like that :) Plus, they really elongate your legs! Wooot :D

    ps. yeah, I get questioned by my boss and coworkers too about my high heels :p

  17. Great shoes! I just got some wedges in the same color! woohoo! Love this outfit--styled so fabulously!


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