Sunday, October 31

Steady Guy UK

i know the official trick or treat-ing is tonight. as for someone like me who doesn't really celebrate it, i take it as a sign that i need to start on my christmas shopping list already. i started writing down who i need to give gifts to this christmas and i think it just went on and on and on.. hahahahaha!
anyway, since i live in a small city, the selection of gifts to get is limited. i've always thought of purchasing gifts online because at least they'd be unique, there are better choices out there and it's so convenient too. i was browsing online and stumbled upon Steady Guy, an up and coming urban designer label based on UK.

it has recently launched its new accessory line featuring Brixton Hats and O Clock watches. for me, during this season, i always end up getting winter gear for my family and friends and when i saw the new brixton hat collection, i immediately thought of my guy friends that would love to get that. they're sleek, trendy and practical too.
aside from that, i really got excited when i saw the o clock watches. first of all, they have this minimalist style to them but the choice of colors really add that extra oomph to the line. i love that it came in both dark neutral colors as well as bright bold ones. perfect gift for him and her and really versatile to whatever style they may have. plus it doesn't hurt that they came fitted in cans -- awesome packaging!

how about you? have you started christmas shopping yet?


  1. Haha I'm so excited for Christmas! I love it way more than Halloween anyways :)

  2. haha! halloween's not yet over and you're already thinking about girl! i think online shopping would be fun, but i dont like my family enough to go through all that trouble :P

    xx raez

  3. I only have a present for my dad so far! I need to start buying more asap!

  4. wow those watches are really cool!

    as for christmas, I'm broke, so I'm knitting stuff for family! teehee!

  5. I really, really like those watches! They are so fun and fresh. They are like the watch version of the wayfarers.

    By the way, in my Fall tee post I am wearing the shoes I got with my Daniel Footwear voucher I won on your blog!!!

  6. those watches are super cool, must get!!

  7. Love love christmas shopping, but I don't do it until december after exams. Ughhh school.

    Love those awatches, so funky.

  8. Ouhh looking Chic! Adore the layers:)
    I can't wait till Christmas!


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