Thursday, October 28

the old spaghetti factory

the day the boy and i got to banff, we decided to head out and look for a place to get lunch. since italian food sounded like a good idea, we went to the old spaghetti factory at the second floor of the cascade plaza.

the restaurant probably doesn't have the best pastas out there, but for the price they charge people, i think it's quite a decent place. all our meals came with a sourdough bread with garlic butter (so good!), a salad or soup, and spumoni ice cream!

the boy got lasagna for his main pasta while i got chicken pesto (which i absolutely love). here in winnipeg, the old spaghetti house is probably one of the few places i can get pesto if im craving really bad for it.

with our stomachs full, we happily went back to the town centre and started touring the rest of banff! yay!!

watch out for next week's food tripping thursdays as i feature a steak house where i had thanksgiving dinner with the boy.


  1. MMM I LOVE THESE FOOD POSTS! I haven't been to the old spaghetti factory in way too long. Looks like I'll have to go check it out again :)

  2. Gahh italian food makes me so weak in the knees!!!!

  3. mmmmm... This looks so friggin' yummy!

  4. gah! mouth watering. i love foodie posts:)

    xx raez

  5. my husband loves this place, he always gets factory size sphagetti and we berely walk out of there cause we overdose on the bread! lol

  6. Aaah you are making me hungry again! : ) xxx

  7. Your blog is so amazing and adorable! and it looks so delicious!

  8. This post left my mouth watering! :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

    Jungle World Citizen

  9. I love Italian cuisine that's why I am drooling over that pasta right now. Thanks for posting these. Looks like you had a wonderful day. :)

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  11. hah i JUST ate and this is making me hungry again!

    Happy Halloween!

  12. the lasagna looks so yummy! actually, the others too :P

  13. hey cutie! the food looks delish. have you been to the old spagetti factory @ the forks? LOVE! here comes the cravings!

    x Nia

  14. Miam I am hungry
    see you soon i hope

  15. I. LOVE. THIS PLACE. These pictures make me want to go back right away!


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