Monday, November 1

halloween weekend

sorry for the absence, lovelies.. last week, the weather was so terrible that by the time i arrived home from work, it was already gloomy and cloudy outdoors so i wasn't able to take decent outfit photos. but today i tried my best to catch the sun and take some outfit shots.

outfit: maldita dress, suzy shier blazer, random scarf, aa leggings, joe fresh socks, aldo wedges

anyway, how was your weekend? mine went fine. unlike other bloggers, i didn't really dress up for halloween just because i had no parties or socials to attend to. although, last friday at work we had this western ghost town theme in the office most of my coworkers thought of dressing up.

oh and i also got to catch up with one of my girlfriends this weekend. we had some mongolian grill food, appetizers and cocktails at corydon.

im not really feeling well as of this moment since i have my monthly visitor and i get back pains whenever it's here. aaahhh sitting 8 hours at work leaves me feeling blah and eecckk.. hope you had a better first day of november...


  1. Which restaurant did you go to? The only mongolian I've had is at Mongo's and I don't think that's really authentic... lol.

    I'm liking the layered legwear!

  2. this is so simple yet so chic sybil! :) loving the leggings! those drinks look delicious!

  3. My weekend was hectic. Didn't dress up also.
    You look simply chic! :)))
    That foood is making me hungry! *growl* that's what i get for being a broke college student, lol.

  4. Hi darling! Just to let you know, we changed our blog in
    Hope to see you between our followers!
    Giovanna & Roberta

  5. love the way you layered this outfit! so simple but yet so chic!

  6. Very cute outfit pics ! I'm following your blog from now on, hope you drop by my blog and follow me if you like it :)

  7. i love that blazer paired with the dress! you look so lovely with the sun behind you. and i'm loving the theme of a western ghost town, haha :)

  8. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. as if winnipeg weather is stillll soooo nice


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