Friday, October 22

recent purchases..

so as i've mentioned in my old posts, i went on quite a shopping spree when i was in calgary. right now, i've tucked them away in my closet but since i haven't really done any decent fashion post (and i don't have an outfit photo to share with you today), i thought i'd share with you what i got...
i need more bottoms: loose trousers and cheap denim jeans from forever 21

not as pictured: this blazer in a cream color from h&m and berets (not toques) from talula c/o aritzia

camel love: coat & corduroys in this season's it color from zara
oh and i also got wedges, but i can't find them in zara's site anymore

skin care essentials: finally got st ive's mask & scrub on sale!

make up musts: nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk & mac matte powder blush in prism

quite a handful, eh? most of those are really things that have been on my ''need'' list like a good coat for winter, some trousers to give me more outfit combinations for work and the mask which i ran out of a few weeks ago. some of them, i just got by using old store gift cards that i have kept in my stash like the beret, blazer and blush (alliteration, much?). and some i just can't resist buying because of their insane cheap price namely the jeans for $11, the scrub for $3 and the eye pencil for $4.

how about you?? what have you bought lately? any good stuff out there that you've discovered?


  1. Wowow what steals! I use the St. Ives scrub & mask as well, the scrub doesn't work too well for me though :( It's too harsh, I have to use literally half a pea-size amount! I can't wait to see all of these purchases m'dear <3

  2. i need me some camel colored pants!!

    omg i have been looking for that mask forever and i'm pretty sure since i haven't found it they don't even sell it here, but i heard it works well with my type of skin. i really need to do some searching again.

  3. Lucky!
    My shopping spree is in December. :p hehe.

  4. I use to swear my st. ives products love it!

  5. super in love with the camel coat haven't been able to find one I love in the city yet!
    good finds


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