Sunday, October 24

paranormal night!

haven't gone to see any kind of movie in such a long time and when i heard that the paranormal activity was opening this week, i grabbed at a chance to see it. unfortunately, most of my girlfriends are not fond of horror movies, so i ended up inviting my boyfriend's siblings to see it in the cinemas last friday.

outfit: dress c/o kristy thru clothes swap, divi top, vanessa mooney cobra necklace, payless pumps, jacob belt
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i was crazy!!! by that, i mean the ticket sales.. there was a 7:40pm show and we decided to get there as early as 7pm for the tickets but they were all gone! we had no choice but to get the next show at 10:20pm.

since we had a lot of time to kill, we figured of just going around the mall and getting sushi for dinner. ooohhh yummy!

we got back in the cinema one hour before the show time (9:20pm) so that we can get good seats, but lo and behold there was already a long long long long long (CRAZY!) line outside all for the paranormal activity 2 screening. ftw?! what even happened was that due to the ticket demand, they closed another different movie to have 2 showings for the same time.

the movie wasn't that bad, i must say.. i was thinking it would suck since there's that curse for sequels or part 2's in movies. it had some good moments and i really loved how they were able to incorporate details from the first movie. but you'll still understand it even though you didn't see that one.

p.s. btw, if you have the time, tieka messaged me last week and told me that she's putting me and the boy up for her ''guy behind the camera'' feature. feel free to check it out on her blog.


  1. not enough brave to see this movie!

  2. My boy REALLY wants to see this film, but I'm a huge wimp so refuse to see it with him! Looks like you had fun though :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  3. that sushi looks amazing! i saw the first one and it really really frightened me...i dont mind slasher movies but theres just something about ghosts and paranormal things that freak me out!!

  4. did the movie made you dizzy? I got sick with the first one after 20 minutes of watching,lol

    yummy sushi!

  5. You look so Cute! Man....I am not a fan of paranormal/horror/bloody movies hah. I get freaked out REALLY EASILY!

  6. You look gorgeous! great blog and post - maybe you want follow me <3 ?

  7. Ahh too adorable. That sushi looks absolutely delicious. Yum :) I've been meaning to watch Paranormal activity 1 & 2, but I've been so overloaded with school! Something I'll do... eventually! <3

  8. My husband and I really liked the first one. I'm stoked to see this! And why do you always tempt me with the delicious meals you eat??? I LOVE sushi!

  9. Recent purchases? Make-up, make-up at make-up. Wahahaha!

    Napabili rin ako ng dalawang polo pieces online. I'll shop most likely in Toronto in two weeks.

    Nga pala I moved na my cosmetics blog ( ;)

    - Arianne

  10. Oh yay, my (ex-)dress made a debut on your blog :) I'm glad it fit you nicely. I should've thought of adding a belt (like you did). It totally spiced up with plain black dress! :D

    I've actually worn the ZARA slacks you sent me, but I didn't bring a camera on that day :( Note to self: always have your camera in your purse!

    I'm debating whether or not I should see PA2 because I hate the hand-held camera technique in the first movie. I seriously felt like throwing up after 1/2 hr into the movie :(


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