Thursday, October 21


on our first night in canmore, the boy and i were craving for something different for dinner. there was a number of italian and north american restaurants along the main street of the town centre, but at the end of the road we saw aromas. when we realized that they were offering mexican cuisine, we knew we had to try the place out.

it was quite a packed night being that it was saturday but we were able to get a corner spot. for starters i got this chili soup, while he got a guacamole salad. both were extreme opposites of each other: the soup was spicy and warm, while the salad was fresh and cool.

for our main course, i opted for this spicy shrimp dish, while he got a pork dish with their famous oaxaca sauce. my meal was so-so; wasn't the best but didn't really taste bad too. his pork smelled and tasted amazing! the sauce was so rich and flavorful!

i haven't had a decent mexican meal in such a long time and being able to eat at aromas was the perfect way to end that night.


  1. i made the mistake of looking at this while my stomach is totally empty from not eating anything since breakfast (it's 6:22pm right now) because now i am beyond suffering from hunger!! these pictures look so so delicious!!!

  2. Yum. They opened a new authentic Mexican place on Sargent and also one in Elmwood! Double the yum.

  3. omg REALLY want mexican food now

  4. I could go for some Mexican, can't remember the last time I've been!

  5. Mexican food is always a good option!!! Too bad your food wasn't that good - I think it is hard to find authentic food in Canada because the ingredients just aren't that fresh!! It looks delicious in any case!!


  6. i haven't had breakfast yet so my stomach is grumbling...haha :P

  7. omg! look sooo good! omg the nachos! so hungry now!

  8. Aaah I just had dinner, but your post has made me hungry again hun : ) Have a lovely wknd xx


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