Monday, October 25

new wedges!!!!

remember my last haul post? i did mention that i got wedges from zara but for some reason, the site doesn't have a picture of it anymore. so today, i decided to take it for a spin and test it out (hahaha, i test my shoes out.. yeah, i know i'm a dork!)

all i can say is.. i love love love it!! i've been trying to look for a pair of camel/brown booties. i got a bit picky since i didn't like something lace up (i have a couple already of those); didn't like a suede finish to the fabric (since it's just so hard to maintain during rainy/snowy days); didn't want the length to cut off my calves (because that would just make me shorter); and of course wanted something on the more affordable-reasonable price.

it was a toss between this pair and something that i saw in aldo. i ended up getting this because i just like that there's a smaller chance that i would bump into someone here with the same pair (don't have zara in this city).

outfit: suzy shier jacket, bench tee, f21 jeans, celine bag, zara wedges

i know the pictures are not the best, but i'm definitely taking more outfit posts this week. plus, im posting a my way, her way feature this weekend so yay for bringing fashion posts back!

Comment of the Day: Anne L.
did the movie made you dizzy? I got sick with the first one after 20 minutes of watching,lol
yummy sushi!

the second paranormal activity movie didn't just because it had steadier cameras. the story made use of "built in" house cameras.


  1. Gorgeous wedges! The colour is beautiful and those are going to be amazingly versatile for the seasons ahead. Great choice!

    Have a great week girl!

  2. love the colour of the wedges! they will get so much wear this season, theyre perfect!xx

  3. The wedges are absolutely gorgeous! And don't worry you're not the only one who 'test drives' their shoes!!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  4. Camel and wedges? Translates to the best combo in my book! I need more close-up shots of those beauties :D

  5. i went to aldo yday and super daming wedges nga! hehe i dont have any size na. mwah
    looks great on u sybil!

  6. those wedges look aweeeeesome! the color is so so pretty!!!

  7. i dont like suede material either. and that makes it so hard for me to look for shoes coz a lot of the designs and colors i like are in that material. haha


  8. I'm in love with your wedges and that jacket! So classic and awesome. Love the way you pared them down with jeans and a cute t shirt!

  9. I am obsessed with those wedges! They are just fabulous! I also adore that gold bag! Perfect outfit :)


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