Tuesday, October 26

scarves out, photos in!

aahhh.. just when i said that i'd be able to post more decent photos this week, the forecast starts to tell us that we're having rain and worse.. snow in the following days! aaaahhhhh!! im slowly keeping my summer stuff and putting out my scarves, coats and boots!!!

sorry for the blurry indoor photos and less than appealing outfit. it was raining out and i wanted to dress super comfy at work today because i was scheduled to have some coaching time with my supervisor wherein she ended up just standing inside my cubicle/station for an hour and observing my routine.

outfit: cardigan & top c/o clothes swap, divi harem pants, keds sneakers, aa circle scarf
i got this cardigan from a clothes swap with kristy. i love the gray and blue together and i thought adding that aa circle scarf was just great with the whole look.

Comment of the Day: Kristy
Camel and wedges? Translates to the best combo in my book! I need more close-up shots of those beauties :D

aaahhhh i will totally give close ups of the new pair.. hopefully, i just need to start wearing it out more often. yay!


  1. nice shots and you look so chic and casual <3


  2. Oh yay, the striped cardigan :D Love how you added the circle scarf, too! Looks casual but still clean and chic :) And yes for more photos of the wedge booties. Yes Yes Yes!!! :D

    Brrrr.. can't imagine what it must be like in Winnipeg. We're actually having a pretty warm (and damp, boo!) day in Toronto. We're going to hit 20 degrees this afternoon! For some reasons, I'm not too excited about that :p


  3. Wow, thats hectic! You still look chic hun! x

  4. great outfit! i love circle scarves..the best thing to have as it gets colder!!

  5. ah the circle scarf is back! every time you wear it i think to myself "why don't i have one of these yet?!?!" they just make every outfit extra chic! love the cardigan too :)

  6. this outfit is comfy looking, yet still really well put together. i'm digging on the circle scarf too

  7. Sigh. I'm so sad about the snow. It snowed yesterday morning here. :( I am in love with your scarf!!!!


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