Wednesday, October 20

bittersweet last day..

i had one more free day in calgary since i was able to request it at work. unfortunately, the boy had to go back to his routine of working 8-4 so after preparing breakfast with him, i was left to do some last minute shopping before heading back to winnipeg.

my last day in calgary was spent in the newly renovated chinook centre by my bf's place for some major shopping. the good thing was the mall had the only zara store in the city, the unfortunate thing was that the other stores i was looking forward to weren't open yet! booh!

after shopping i headed back to the apartment by using the c-train and started fixing my luggage for my trip back. it was so bittersweet since i felt so happy with my new purchases (i spent all my shopping money in zara. hahaha!), but at the same time, it was my last day with the boy. it made me feel sad that the blissful weekend was over and my time with him was just cut short just like that. *sighs*

eeepp.. pardon me for being so cheesy in the last few posts. i guess, i really just miss the boy. but on a lighter note, now that i've gotten those stories in here, i can definitely go back to my regular postings. which reminds me... while i was away, my blog was featured in here in modlychic. feel free to check it out. i'll be bringing back food tripping thursdays tomorrow so watch out for it! :D


  1. Sorry that you're missing your boy... :( hoopefully it isn't too long that you'll be able to see him again!!! Oooo how I wish we had a Zara & UO (and H&M) store here in Hawaii. Booooooooooo.

    xx Love & Aloha
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  2. that mall is going to me amazing once it finishes it all! i read through your older posts on your trip, and it looks like you had a wonderful time dear! i'm so happy for you :) you totally deserve it!

  3. Your trip looks so wonderfuhhl! :)

  4. Aw so many good stores not open, at least you got to shop at Zara, an experience I have never had!! :(

    Hopefully you get to see you're bf sometime again very soon, long distance relationships must be hard.

  5. wowie lots of new stores coming in there! so sad you didn't get to shop in them! haha next time!!

  6. That's fun..I always love new stores

  7. I am so envious anthropology is opening there


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