Tuesday, September 21

has anyone seen the bodies?

outfit: juana dress, dynamite blazer, belt c/o clothes swap, joe fresh flats

most of the times, i get too lazy thinking about what to mix and match in my closet. whenever i have those moments, i just whip out one of my dresses, put the blazer on top of it and just wear whatever footwear is easiest to get a hold of. hahaha!

while walking around downtown after work, i saw this building holding "the bodies" exhibition. i didn't even know that they were having it here in my city. i've been telling my friends that we should go together and see it.

Comment of the Day: bestie
I looove this casual look! I really ought to get more stripes incorporated into my wardrobe...

aaahhhh, i only got stripes this summer. through clothes swaps and random shopping, i ended up accumulating some striped sweaters which is nice because i feel like they're chic to wear out for work this season.


  1. love that dress on you! :)

    (BTW, I recently got a job as well and it's nice to finally have a reason to dress up!)

    I've seen the Body's exhibit in Seattle and it was definitely an eye opener. Have you heard of all the controversy regarding how the researchers "got" the bodies? Crazy!

    Hope you get a chance to explore it! I definitely thought it was worth it!

  2. i've seen one like this but it's called "body works" or something like that.. it was actually very interesting. you see all tissues and muscles :P


  3. love the print of your dress! you look chic and smart and stylish in this outfit! :)

  4. I've seen this! It's insane.... I think. I'm super into biology though, I s'pose you could classify me underneath the geeks :) I'm absolutely in love with this outfit, I'm too lazy nowadays to come up with anything half decent to wear!

  5. What an adorable dress! Love the pattern and the details.


  6. that dress is adorable, looks really cute with the blazer!

  7. beautiful dress, dear!

    a friend of mine went to that exhibition and said it was really interesting, she loved it

    have a nice day!!


  8. Love this look on you Sybil! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. Is it totally dorky if I say I always *secretly* hope I get picked as comment of the day? Hahaha.

    I really adore this look Sybil! It looks amazingly put together, considering you just threw on whatever was easiest to wear. That is one pretty dress. (:

  10. Cute dress. I really like the print. Looks like you had fun with the shots.


  11. That dress looks very pretty on you,sweetie

  12. Bodies, man I'm regretting not seeing it when it was here in my city a couple years back. My cousin saw an exhibition in NY and was floored by the experience. And she is a biology major, guess it's really good.

    You look nice. I really like dark blazers, although I doubt I can pull of the socks myself though :)

  13. First of all, I love the prints on that dress :) And does it have a peterpan collar? I can only guess :p

    Second of all, I've seen the BodyWorks exhibition and it's quite nasty yet intriguing. They showed a pregnant woman's body whose lung had been infected by cancer because she's a smoker. The lung was totally black. IT WAS GROSS :( But as nasty as it is, you should go at least once in your life :p


  14. really cute dress!

    There has been an exhibit like that here a bunch of times. I've never been, but back in high school one of our science classes went for a field trip and my friends came back telling me how freaky it was because they are all real bodies. But then they also said it was cool because when do you get to see all that stuff?

  15. you look very cute and neat :)
    I love the dress a lot <3

  16. I want to go see this exhibit!! So interesting and kind of disgusting at the same time

  17. I've heard it's an amazing experience, but have not gone myself. When I just throw together an outfit, I do not get such good results. Cute outfit.

  18. This is such a lovely outfit! Don't you just love blazers and how they instantly make any outfit more chic. ;)

    PS: I've been to it this summer when they came to Montreal!!!! It was a great exposition, I went with my two younger cousins, and there were two VERY PATIENT med students explaining everything to them (I really appreciated that!). The exposition itself was amazing, the organs were very well preserved, the part I appreciated the most was the reproductive system part, where they showed fetuses in all these different stages... You should definitely check it out!:P


  19. So Adorable and Chic! There is NO CHANCE I would see that exhibit since I am SOOO SENSITIVE to that kind of subject! I would pass out in a heartbeat!

  20. I always do the same thing too! it is somuch easier to just toss on a dress.

    I think i am going to go see the bodies exhibit I am sure it will be super interesting to see. I was actually surprised to see that they brought it here to Winnipeg

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  22. I love this dress. Great pattern!



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