Wednesday, September 22


outfit: gap denim shirt, joe fresh tanktop, vintage maxi skirt, gojane oxfords
hmm... this outfit didn't turn out the way it did in my head. hahahaha! but, what the heck.. i wanted to wear my maxi skirt just before it starts to get too cold for it.

i actually replaced the denim shirt with a long cardigan but when i was about to take photos of it, the camera's batteries died on me.

but enough of my outfit now. did you guys see glee?? it premiered tonight with its new season. here's the thing, i am not a big fan of the show.. i watch it whenever i catch it on but im not a religious follower or a "gleek", if you know what i mean.. but i was so so glad i was able to record this first episode on our tv.
so did you get to see it?
aaahhh!!!! i loved it!

Comment of the Day: S + Y
This is such a lovely outfit! Don't you just love blazers and how they instantly make any outfit more chic. ;)
PS: I've been to it this summer when they came to Montreal!!!! It was a great exposition, I went with my two younger cousins, and there were two VERY PATIENT med students explaining everything to them (I really appreciated that!). The exposition itself was amazing, the organs were very well preserved, the part I appreciated the most was the reproductive system part, where they showed fetuses in all these different stages... You should definitely check it out!:P

aahhh yes.. the blazer makes it extra chic almost at an instant. and about the bodies exhibition: you just gave me the idea of having my science student friends tag along so that they can explain to me what i'll be seeing. teehee!


  1. yay glee! been waiting for this moment for a while!

  2. AHHHHH CHARICE PEMPENGCO! SHE'S MY FAVOURITE. Sorrow for the caps, I love Glee. I'm a Gleek. LEGIT. Too bad I'm not allowed to watch TV during the weekdays, so I can't watch the latest episode until tomorrow online :(! This outfit is super duper adorable, you are rockin' the maxi skirt <3!

  3. I watched it! I'm sort of waning off it because the second half of the first season was a little bit of a disappointment to me, but I hope this new season brings it on! Sort of happy with the premiere, not to mention that little glimpse of a shirtless Mike Chang hahaha

  4. charice is awesome.. and the asian guy is hot!!! omgosh.. i couldn't get over it when i saw him. hahaha!!!

  5. i don't watch all haha. i guess i just feel like it's too late to catch up on everything, but maybe one day when i'm bored and unemployed :) i can't wait to see what fall outfits you come up with!

  6. omg! im so excited to download Glee tomorrow when good torrent will be out.haha! i love Glee..

  7. loving the maxi... would like to see with the sweater you were talking about! btw, we have tagged an award for you in our blog!

  8. oh girl i follow glee but here in italy we're still watching the 1st season! however it's very cool!! i loved the madonna you remember it?

  9. yay finally can watch glee again :) miss that series so much! love your maxi skirt <3


  10. sooo cute! woohoo for glee!


  11. I was glad to see Glee back. I love that show so much.

  12. I adore your skirt,sweetie

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  13. Heey thanks so much for passing by my blog !
    Loooove your outfit, and your blog ! <3 Gonna come more regularly :D
    And i'm so glad to have stumbled upon your blog and the first article cause i love glee and I'm off to watch the first episode right awaaaay ! yeaaaah I hear serah Geronimo is in it, yay philippino power ! :D

  14. Lovely blog! :D

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  15. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  16. cute outfit, my mom was watching glee too:)

    xx raez

  17. Oh I love the long layers! This is just the sort of thing I want to wear on cooler days!

  18. mental note: must go to gap and get denim shirt. Did you get that recently? So cute and unexpected with the skirt!


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