Monday, September 20

birthday dinner!

after work, i went to the mall to check out whatever new stuff the stores have. i probably visit there once in 3 weeks just to know if there are any interesting new arrivals in my fave stores. hahaha!

outfit: abercrombie & fitch sweater, voom by joy han denim dress, f21 ring, keds sneakers
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while walking around, i saw a friend of mine and apparently she was meeting up with some of our university friends to have dinner at olive garden, just across the mall. one of my friends there was having her birthday so we ended up celebrating it over dinner.

i totally forgot to take pictures of our food. we ended up waiting for about 30 mins to get seated and then of course another wait til we got our food. by the time the bread, salad and pasta got on the table, everyone was so hungry and completely forgot to take photos. i only have a shot of my strawberry mango limonata which was absolutely amazing btw! hahaha!

Comment of the Day: Daphne
I have yet to find one I love (foundation) I am using cover girls clean make up in oil control and it is not thaaaat fabulous. Let me know how you are liking the revlon:)

so far, im liking the coverage of the revlon colorstay foundation. i find that i use less concealer when i have it on. right now, im just applying it with a sponge, but i think it can be used better with a flat brush so you can really buff it out for an airbrush finish. in the morning, i actually don't need to put a powder after applying it since it gives me a matte finish already (fyi: im using the medium beige one for oily/combination skin). but in the afternoon, i would need to retouch a bit with powder. don't get me wrong, the foundation truly does stay for a good 10 hours or so, but my oily face just acts up no matter what. i would definitely recommend it. i believe zellers is having the revlon line on sale this week too so it's even a good time to try it out!


  1. Cute casual outfit! Haha you look so adorable in pigtails! Don't worry, I scour the mall pretty often to check up on new items (especially H&M, God knows how many times I go there a's very depressing :P).

  2. love your outfit Sybil! :) love the casual nautical feel:)

  3. Awww this is too adorable :) I've been visiting the malls/downtown stores a lot 'cause I have courses in that area... shame on me! I don't end up buying anything either. Just oogling for hours :P

  4. Loving your outfit! Hope you have a lovely Monday xxx

  5. Cute outfit....sounds like the meet up was a good time:)

    Have a Fantastic Day!!!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  6. hi sybil :) cute outfit!:) saw on chictopia and just aww'd :) kinda nautical too!:) btw, added you to my blogroll!

  7. Cute outfit. I love the jumper. And that drink looks yummy!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  8. I looove this casual look! I really ought to get more stripes incorporated into my wardrobe...

  9. you look totally cute love love love the look <3


  10. Cool outfit, especially the pig tails because they totally compliment the look :D I wish I could pull off simple casual outfits as amazing as you because I tend to look sloppy in them :(

    I totally forgot to answer your Solestruck order question. Ok, so I shipped the shoes to my aunt who's living in the States. My mom went to visit her before she came to Toronto and I asked her to bring them home. So, I got the free shipping and no custom duties. For int'l orders, I believe you have to spend $200+ to be eligible for free shipping (which sucks!) On top of that, you'll still get charged for the custom duties of at least $40. I say, order your shoes and ship them to one of your relatives in the States. Ask your relative to ship them over to you as GIFT so you won't get charged for custom duties (USPS is cheaper than CanPost). I think this way is cheaper than paying the shipping fee ($15?) plus the custom duties ($40).

  11. I love that stripy top on you:) Hugs and kisses,sweetie

  12. This outfit is sooooo cute, I love it!! The stripes look great with that blue skirt, good job!

  13. Casual but cute! And Olive Garden is deeee-licious, especially the unlimited breadsticks lol

  14. lovin the stripes!! :)
    simple chic is the way to go :)
    OH and olive garden is deeelishhh



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