Wednesday, June 2

wishing things were better..

i spent the afternoon attending my convocation ceremonies at the university. here's the deal. i finished my last semester on december 2009, i officially graduated on february 2010 and i was part of the spring convocation today (june 2010).

no other photos with my grad cap and gown on, because my parents are corny!
attending the ceremonies was only for formalities' sake. technically speaking, i have my grad photos and diploma with me already so all i received from the stage is a folder with this...

i decided to wear the voom by joy hann dress that i got from fashionistette. and i know, i've been wearing this red cardigan more often, but i can't help it. doesn't it look good with the denim dress?

outfit: joy hann dress, divi cardigan, payless tights, aldo wedges
oh and yeah, as you would have noticed, i had the camera with me in my seat so the point of view was quite interesting, yes?

proper way to pronounce my name

entrance: going to our seats

fellow grads and the audience

going to the stage now..

my parents in the audience

with the dean (this was on stage too!)
now im back to normal unemployment mode. this was taken the night before while i was busy trying to find jobs online. aaaahhh!

Comment of the Day: alyssa
hehe your skirt reminds me of the uniform skirts i used to wear in grade school. you are totally reinventing it though! =D

omg! i totally know what you mean! i went to an all-girls school back in the days and this was the style of our skirt, except that it was plaid and longer. oh now that you reminded me, here's a shot of me sleeping back in highschool with my uniform! hahaha!


  1. Love your outfit and congrats on graduating!!

  2. That dress is so cute and I have been searching for a red cardigan!! Congratulations on graduating!!!! That's awesome!!!

  3. AHHH congratulations! As... materialistic as this sounds, I hope that convocation ceremony hat doesn't give me too much hat hair! I have mine on the 13th and I'm going out this weekend to hunt down my dress :)

  4. Congratulations! And The dress fits you perfectly :)

    Is that picture from when you were in school in the Philippines? St. Paul? Haha

    B from A plus B

  5. wee i'm your comment of the day! haha

    congratulations!! even though all this graduation talk makes me depressed. i could have been part of the graduation ceremonies this year, if it weren't for my carelessness in picking my classes my first two years of college. but whateverrr haha truly, congratulations! now go get them in the real world! take the real world by storm! (trying to think of cliche sayings) =p

    good luck with the job search!

  6. that dress is super flattering on you sybil! i'm so glad you redeemed it, and for such a perfect occasion as graduation! congratulations on graduating my dear! i'm finishing up my last class this june and will officially be "graduated" in september. it's bittersweet definitely, and i too will share your unemployment status (because i don't really count my minimum job as a real job...). here's to us and a bright future :)

  7. you took absolutely adorable ...the I think I like the denim dress by itself :) unemployment = the worst

  8. congratulations!! haha i always love seeing your big smile!! youre too cute!! love the outfit too btw!!

  9. congratulations!!! :)thanks for always visiting my blog. i think i only have a handful of readers and thanks so much for being one of them. :)

  10. congratulations dear!!!! :) and i love the animated photo how'd you do that?:) hehe

  11. Yay congrats Say-bil! Haha. :D the red cardi with the denim dress is absolutely delicious. You look amazing. <3

  12. Aww, congrats on graduating! You look so cute in that dress!

    xo, becs

  13. Congratulations! Love the colour combo and of course the adorable oversized buttons of that dress! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  14. Congratulations, my dear :) I hope you'll find a job soon, JUST PERSEVERE! :D and I hate how the convocation announcer likes (maybe not intentionally) to butcher non-western names. They totally butchered K R I S T A N I A. Come on, how hard can it be???

    And yes, love that dress on you, very flattering especially on the upper half ;) And the red cardigan goes really well with the denim shade.

    And yes, I also went to all girls highschool before I came here. And we also had the checkered pleated skirt as one of our uniforms! Fun times... hahaha :)


  16. Hey there, I graduated in Dec like you, it does feels weird having to go back and "graduate" I wish I could have words of wisdom I am stilllll looking for a career that uses my degree! I went on so many interviews after graduating that it can be sad when you don't get anything! So keep strong you are not the only one looking online. One word of advice you may have to suck it up and get a part time job (like me) while you are looking for a job employers don't seem to like it when you are "off work,& looking" I am sure you will find something that you love soon:)

  17. Congratulations! I love the dress - it looks great on you!

  18. Aww, so awesome! Congrats again girl! xoxo

  19. Love the denim and red cardigan! I don't blame you for wearing it alot :]

    Congrats on all the formalities of graduating haha :]

  20. your animations are so cool!

    ta ta


  21. CONGRATZ on graduating!!!
    I love your look, especially the dress!!
    (fashion blogger visit, comment or follow)

  22. First of all congratulations!!!! I am very happy for your graduation and wish you the best in finding a job and pursuing a career that you truly enjoy. Second of all, it is almost freakishly scarry how much our stories are alike. I also graduated officially in winter of '09 but did my walk in Spring, a little earlier than you but almost the same. I quit my temporary job about a month ago and am now unemployed, lol. It's ok though, I'm sure things will be better for us both.

    Oh, and I am new to your blog, but already it is my second visit. Expect more :)

  23. CONGRATS!!! You look so cute in the cap and gown! And I'm so in love with that dress you're wearing. Fab styling!!

  24. CONGRATS babe!!!

    Im sure you're going to find the perfect job in time! You update us right??

  25. Omg congratulation!! <3
    You look lovely in that dress :)

  26. love the denim dress! and congratulations! :D

  27. I can understand that it is the happiest day for you because when we get our degree we automatically became happy as our future is depends on it.
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