Tuesday, June 1

the prairies..

today, i want to style this old skirt of mine. i got it last year on sale for about $5 and i was constantly wearing it last summer. found it again, while i was trying to clean my closet and decided to wear it with this vintage-looking tee. i tried it on with my white socks-oxfords look to achieve that vintage-y vibe that a lot of bloggers have been rocking.

outfit: old navy skirt, bench tee, gojane oxfords, walmart straw hat

after seeing it uploaded, i just realized how much of a prairie look this is. quite appropriate since i live in manitoba anyways, hahaha!!!

Comment of the Day: Jess
Oh I used to rollerblade so much - love this post! All your bright colours are making me smile hehe

i don't know how to rollerblade!! hahaha! they say it's easier than skating, but my skating skills are so poor! hahaha! and oh, i never realized in that post that we were indeed wearing bright colors: orange, yellow and red! awesome! good job on noticing it! :p


  1. aww sybil! i totally remember that skirt! i love how you remixed it in this outfit! i have always loved that hat! i remember you said once that i was lucky i could pull of beanies, well you're so lucky you can pull off straw hats! i'd love to see you in a boater hat :)

  2. What a cute look! I'm loving the skirt and the hat! Haha I adore the modern prairie look on you!

  3. I love the Prairie Pride! You look awesome, I love the hat and skirt. Especially together!

  4. this definitely is a prairie look. you should find one nearby and run around in this outfit like they do in the movies. :)

  5. That is one of my favorite skirt lengths and it's been sorely neglected in trends as of late! Love that piece!

  6. You are so Adorable! I love love the hat:) Such a lovely outfit!

  7. hehe your skirt reminds me of the uniform skirts i used to wear in grade school. you are totally reinventing it though! =D

  8. I love this outfit, the pleats are so like sweet and innocent, against the rock edge of the tee!
    I've just come across your blog, and I love it!
    will defiantly be back soon
    have a nice day!
    much love, rachel

  9. I agree with Alyssa. It does remind me of my old uniform. It's so silly because I used to crave wearing brighter colors and crazy styles back then-now I just want to wear simple white blouses and a-line skirts. Fickle!

    You're a cutie :)

    B from A plus B

  10. hI nice pictures!!!love your shoes!!

  11. thanks!!
    I love your hat!It´s beautiful!
    I follow you;)

  12. Great pleated skirt! It's such a tricky length for me but you totally worked it :) And I just bought a straw hat like yours for the summer. You inspired me :D


  13. amazin outfit!!!!

    love love love!!!!!!!

    thanx for visitin:))



  14. cute outfit! I agree rollerblading is easier than skating for some reason too. And nice to meet another canadian blogger!

  15. cute skirt! and thanks for the comment :)

  16. hehe cute hat! I always wished to see a prairie and experience the vastness! And the prairie girl look is so romantic!

  17. Amazing skirt!And I love how you combined it with that vintage looking t-shirt!!xoxo


  18. so cute! I just love your sock/shoe combos :)


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