Thursday, June 3

I scream Ice Cream!

it's that day of the week again!! time for another installment of Food Tripping Thursdays!! today, due to the nice weather we had, i figured on featuring one of the most beloved summer treats: Ice Cream!!!
in as much as i have tasted different kinds of it, im not claiming to be a pro and say that i have had them all. the following that i would be featuring are those that i have tasted already.

Bridge Drive In - this place gets so packed in the summer that there was a time i had to fall in line for an hour just to get a regular sized soft-ice cream cone. that's saying a lot since among all types, i like soft ice cream the least.

i love how they have incorporated the flavors in the ice cream itself. that's my favorite butter pecan flavored ice cream! :D

Sukhothai Fried Ice Cream - i went to this place due to my craving for spicy thai food. little did i know that they had fried ice cream in their desserts menu and of course i just had to try it. i must say that it's not as 'amazing' as i expected but it was still an interesting way of eating ice cream.

i tried doing this myself by crushing cornflakes cereals and rolling the ice cream in it. totally, no frying involved! hahaha!

Mercato Gelato Cafe - i think that among all the gelato places i've been to here in the city, they offer the most number of flavors which is both good and bad. good because you can try so many; bad because it's so hard to pick!! hahaha!

all those 4 panels are gelato, gelato, gelato!

Yogen Fruz - so technically speaking this isn't available here in winnipeg but i couldn't help but add this on this list. i had this during my trip to alberta i love how you can mix different fruits to get your own frozen yogurt! yum!

i love that frozen yogurt has that tangy sour taste! :D

Cold Rock Ice Creamery - this is like marble slab where you get to pick your base ice cream and add toppings to it while they try to fold in the ingredients into your ice cream by smashing them on the slab. that's a weird explanation to it, but it's like stir frying your ice cream. hahaha!

bad glare from old camera

that's about it for now coz im starting to crave for some.. hahaha! aside from all these, i've had my fair share of ben and jerry's, hagen daz, dippin dots and dairy queen blizzards. aaahh!! it's summer time and i can't wait to have them all again!

Comment of the Day: Kristy
Congratulations, my dear :) I hope you'll find a job soon, JUST PERSEVERE! :D and I hate how the convocation announcer likes (maybe not intentionally) to butcher non-western names. They totally butchered K R I S T A N I A. Come on, how hard can it be???
And yes, love that dress on you, very flattering especially on the upper half ;) And the red cardigan goes really well with the denim shade.
And yes, I also went to all girls highschool before I came here. And we also had the checkered pleated skirt as one of our uniforms! Fun times... hahaha :)

i have had it with people who mispronounce my name. maybe it's a north american thing to say "c-bill", i try not to correct them already since they repeat it anyways the second time around. hahaha! but of course during my grad, i had to have my name said right.

Oh and super super thanks to everyone who congratulated me in my last post. I really appreciate that! :D cyber hugs and kisses for everyone! yay! :D


  1. i love this post because i recently developed a new fro-yo obsession! i was never much of an ice cream girl, but i'm digging these new places where you can pick your flavor of frozen yogurt and put ANY TOPPING YOU WANT on it! haha. yum!

  2. I love fro-yo. Yum. I definitely prefer it to ice cream. I'm actually not that big a fan of ice cream, it just doesn't draw me in.

  3. YES! Loooooove fro-yo too... especially YF when they use the big chunks of frozen fruit. Mmmmm!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  4. omg i want gelato so bad now. my favourite is one on corydon

  5. I'm soo boring when it comes to ice cream lol im very vanilla ...very few things actually appeal to me lol

  6. AHHHH OMNOMNOM <3 :) You make me crave for things I shouldn't crave for :'(

  7. OMG you made me want some gelato right at this moment!!!
    Where was this? I would love to go when I visit Canada.

  8. hey there:)
    thanks for ur sweet comments :)

    yeah it has cool feature on it
    too bad it's my brother's :(
    I wish my own webcam just like him

    btw followed & linked u :)
    if u mind following me back and link me

  9. YUM I'm so craving soft serve ice cream (well, I have been for a week or two)!

  10. why everyone post abt ice cream?
    it's make me so craving.hehe:)
    i like to eat fried ice creak.nyum3.

    oh btw,thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :D
    and and and congrats for your graduation......


  11. yummm, i want some ice cream now, the butter pecan ice cream looks yummy :D

  12. YAY for fro-yo! <333

    Okay. I am seriously going to get some ice cream now.

  13. fried ice cream sounds amazing. i've never had it!

  14. I feel like going out for ice-cream..

  15. that fried ice cream looks amazing, i've had fried green tea ice cream from this amazing japanese place. I am obsessed with gelato the only one i ever go to is called GROM, of course it was in Italy but now they have one in nyc which i love! also im a pinkberry fan and im in the mood for that right now. thanks for stopping by my blog hope you follow me as i am a new follower to yours!


  16. I've tried fried ice cream before once and it was surprisingly good! I love gelato and frozen yogurt too yogen fruz is yummy :D have a great weekend!

  17. yay for comment of the day :D

    Yogen Fruz is my favorite afternoon snack at work! Blueberry+Mango is the best mix! Green tea comes in second.

    Now if you could FedEx that tempura ice cream to my office, I'd greatly appreciate it. Ha!:D

  18. That ice cream totally makes me drool...wish we had a Bridge Drive In in Toronto! haha...thanks for visiting my blog and also congrats on the graduation!!!

  19. Yum, I tried the most amazing icecream flavour this year, apple crumbalitious pie, was so good.


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