Thursday, June 3

some features and shoutouts!

the storm is coming!
amidst the confusing weather we're having, i'm happy to say that it's friday again! the week passed by quickly and i wanted to take this random post as an opportunity to mention some small side things here and there.

* so i got emails this week saying that i have won blog giveaways. shout outs to Lena of Quality Rivets and Jessica of Fascination Drop for bringing good news to me!

* heads up to my clothes swap people! i'm starting to ship some items out. please feel free to contact me thru my email! thanks!

* i was fortunate that my submission to Rebecca's flashback fridays is up on her blog, The Clothes Horse. if you want to see how i looked like in my younger years, click here.

* to all the wonderful readers of my blog, both old and new, don't forget that there's a $10 gift card waiting for you over at and all you have to do is sign up here. in case you haven't heard of it yet, it's basically a newly launched community website producing and selling dresses. as members, you do not only have a say on what pieces are going to be continually produced, but more interestingly, the site gives you access to wholesale prices (50% off retail price) for their newest dresses. signing up is easy and it's free!!! :D


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