Friday, June 4

Feel Good Fridays

thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for lending/giving me this chambray shirt when i raided his closet at his parents' place yesterday. hahaha!! do you steal clothes from your bf too?

outfit: gap chambray shirt, garage jeggings, shoebox flats, joe fresh belt

i've been feeling quite tired and not in the mood lately. it's probably because of the weather and most importantly because the red flag is up (if you know what i mean..). in these times, i always resort to staying indoors and surfing the net looking for feel-good photos to cheer me up.

i normally go for fashion editorials, adorable visual presentations and food photoblogs. recently though, i stumbled upon this site called Submit your Pet Photos. and well, as the name suggests, it features different images of the cutest pets (mostly kittens and puppies) submitted by their owners to the site.

OMG, you guys... i suggest you take a look and browse thru the site, especially when you're experiencing the blues. the images there are making my heart melt.

this has to be one of my faves!

Comment of the Day: Rhea
that fried ice cream looks amazing, i've had fried green tea ice cream from this amazing japanese place. I am obsessed with gelato the only one i ever go to is called GROM, of course it was in Italy but now they have one in nyc which i love! also im a pinkberry fan and im in the mood for that right now.

aaahh yes, im quite fond of getting green tea ice cream when i visit japanese restaurants too!! it would be totally great if i can actually have the real deal when it comes to ice cream. like getting gelato in italy, getting green tea ice cream in japan and yes, i want to try that pinkberry fro-yo too!! i've heard of so many raves about it.


  1. wahh! i wish my bf had a chambray shirt i can steal! i've been meaning to raid his closet for a while but i just never got around to it...this summer for sure! i need a chambray shirt!!!!

  2. aww that kitten! I wish i could keep it in my pocket and take it around with me all dayyy

  3. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my site. I don't know much people in theater only now that used to work with some on my part time job.

    You are lovely in your photos! :)

    Aaaw I wish I could post my cat's photos. However, he always looks angry, not sweet and adorable in anyway. Haha.

    Lavyahblog :)

  4. oh that kitten picture just makes my heart melt!! so so so cute! your shirt looks awesome, i would love to get one like that! The weather has been crappy here to, makes it hard to take pictures!!

  5. whoa nice outfit. the weather looks so nice.
    keep posting!
    love, vdcouture

  6. cute outfit! that umbrella is the perfect touch, haha;)

    xx raez

  7. that site looks adorable!!! And I've only had green tea ice cream once, when I went to a 24 hour waffle shop that served ice cream on waffles! They had every kind of flavor and topping, like green tea ice cream and bee pollen...another cute animal site that always cheers me up is cuteoverload!!! soooo many cute animals of every kind! It's hard to have a bad day when there's a baby bunny on your laptop :)

  8. I think I just died looking at that kitten.
    Wayyyy to cute for words!

  9. Haha I love the blue shirt on you!

  10. I love your shirt. So pretty.

    Those pet photos are adorable.

  11. cool chambray you've got there!
    that kitty is insanely adorable!! the prettiest kitty i've seen for a while haha.

  12. so cute , like your outfit

  13. i didn't know GAP sold some nice shirts like that :D I haven't shopped at The GAP in ages! Must pay it a visit sometime soon :) I feel you with the bad weather. The weather in TO has been quite temperamental as well :(

  14. You should totally keep that shirt! I am lucky enough to have a husband with a small frame so we can share clothes!!!


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