Sunday, June 6

yes, i wear jeans too!

it's been awhile since i've had a relaxing saturday with a couple of my girlfriends so when one of my friends invited me over at her place to chill and hang out, i couldn't hesitate the offer.

outfit: sirens top, f21 jeans, wet seal sandals, celine purse

it was also nice to see her oh-so-adorable daughter. she's having her christening 2 weeks from now and i was chosen as one of her godmothers!

isn't she adorable??

Comment of the Day: jukeboxsunshine
oh that kitten picture just makes my heart melt!! so so so cute! your shirt looks awesome, i would love to get one like that! The weather has been crappy here to, makes it hard to take pictures!!

i can totally relate to the bad weather. it's been rainy these past few days here. we even had hail yesterday, crazy! i totally agree on having a hard time taking photos! i really prefer natural outdoor lighting than my indoor one and when the weather is not cooperating, that only means crappy photos for me. booh!


  1. Aww baby pics!! <3

    LOVE your sandals Sybil!

  2. super nice. i love your sandals. it look super ethnic.
    love, vdcouture

  3. that baby is SO CUTE, just like your stellar sandals

  4. w/c reminds me. i haven't worn jeans in months!

  5. omg, shes adorable and u look gorgeous in jeans!! Hope u are having a lovely Sunday xx

  6. I COMPLETELY agree with you, outdoor lighting is WAY better. Despite the rain you look great, these sandals are to die for and that baby is so so adorable!

  7. thanks!! we had a lot of fun taking pictures in the beautiful forest :) that's so wonderful that you're going to be the godmother!!! Now you get to be a fairy godmother :) haha. Great sandals as well!

  8. haha. i love jeans too. and i murder them a lot
    miss u

  9. Love love love those sandals! And babies!!

  10. That bag is beautiful!! Cute post x

  11. oh my goodness your god-daughter is so cute! her eyes are gorgeous!!! i've grown to hate jeans ever since i tried on my first pair of tights/leggings, they were history :) it's great to see you all dolled up though hehe!

  12. Ooh, love casual jeans! And your shoes are so cute! And what darling baby photos! Ah, love them! xo

  13. What an amazing bag! Looove it!!

  14. Aww how adorable! Congrats on becoming a godmother! Awesome sandals and purse :)

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  16. urgh, I hate hail!!! >.<

    But great outfit to fight the bad weather!
    Love those sandals, especially the embellishments :)

    And congrats on becoming a Godmother!Oh happy day :D

  17. Cute bag. Love the shoes!

  18. It's been a while since I've seen such a cute baby!:)


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