Saturday, June 12

DKNY Summer Collection

summer is here again and for me that means exhibitions, annual fairs and festivals! i don't know about you, but here in winnipeg since we experience about 6 months of horrid snow and cold, i take every opportunity to whip out my summer clothes once the weather starts getting warmer. this season i feel like it's all about nudes, wedges, platforms and anything comfy and chic!

i chanced upon the new DKNY summer collection through and i must say that it's all about pushing for that summer fervor, sunset heat and festival feeling. the line consists of bronzed metallics, snakeskin shimmer features , cushioned cork base and my favorite this season, nude tones!

i didn't even know that DKNY carried bags. but this line did and i think they are just fabulous

With DKNY, "It's not just about the clothes, It's the Lifestyle". You can find these designer footwear essentials in the women's shoes section via authorized DKNY online retailer Daniel Footwear.

today, i went to a family lunch because my uncle celebrated his bday. while looking through my closet for something to wear, i saw a pair of sandals that reminded me of something from the DKNY Summer Collection above. these sandals would have to be my favorite from the line.

while i clearly do not have enough resources to get this pair, i would have to settle on my own sandals that i got back in the philippines!

am i ready for a festival or what?!?!

outfit: maldita dress, sirens lace shorts, joe fresh belt, divi shrug

the sun is wonderful today, hurray!

walmart hat, divi sandals

Comment of the Day: JESSY
SOOO CUTE darling!! love your d-i-y's. i can never do them. the only things i can do to my clothes:
sew buttons...letters...ribbons...
rip jeans
cut old jeans to shorts
rip my shirts / cut the sides off.

aaahhhh i've cut my jeans into shorts too!! i've always wanted to try ripping my shirts but i'm always so scared that they won't come out as i want them to be. hahaha!
thanks to everyone who loved my diy projects! hopefully, i'll be able to do more next time! :D


  1. ahhh dkny! i love nude tones during the summer as well :) look at all these cork wedges and sandals, i'm drooling. i'm loving your pair as well. the little flower is adorable :)

  2. I love the sandals. I love nude shades.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  3. aww sybil! i remember those sandals hehe. they're so unique and they look great on you! i love the casualness and easiness of dressing in summer :) you don't have to coordinate layers and things like that hehe :)

  4. So so so so perfect! The sandals you already own are perfect.
    I love all of the purses you featured. Especially the red with the scarf. That one has my name all over it. Really, just squint a bit =)
    Ciao Love!

  5. just found your blog<3 You have yourself a new follower, feel free to do the same :)

    Those DKNY bags are great, especially the one with bow!

  6. Just found your blog and so cute.. keep up the good work and can't wait to see more =)

  7. Cute look! I especially love the hat, its so perfect for summer!

  8. your outfit is so cute. I especially love that hat.

  9. The sandals are so cute!!

  10. dear, that's one hat!!! I LIKE! xx

  11. Love your hat and sandals! Haha it's funny you posted about DKNY because yesterday I was just contemplating on buying DKNY prescription glasses.

  12. Cute sandals!You can´t beat Divi prices. ;)

    I´m with you on the cold winter months, although we don´t get as much snow here as you do in there, it´s still very cold. Have a fun summer ahead! :)

  13. gorgeous x

  14. you're soooo cute! i love your details!!

  15. your sandals are cute, love it!

  16. Yes, I´m starting a blog-shop in a few days! Just keep an eye on: then you´ll be informed! ;-D

    I´m now your new follower! ;-)

    A Shopaholic is loose ;0)

  17. I love the DKNY bags. They are so classic! I love your shoes as well: so pretty.

  18. i want that DKNY collection goshhhh!!!!
    and ur outfit look super comfy yet adorable.

  19. I love DKNY handbags, they're so adorable. Their shoes are fab too. Your pair is lovely. :)

  20. i love your sandals! great pics and i love your choice in handbags!:)

    btw, i tagged you in my POST

    do check it out if you have the time! thankies dear!:)

  21. Oh, it's been a while hun. Just catching up with your blog. I love the sandals here - they are just gorgeous.

    And I do love your DIYs ...all of them!! The shredded shirt is fantastic - I've tried it but not with much success. And I love the bows on the shoes - it's such a great statement!


  23. love your shoes in this post! And nude is definitely this summer's color! Too bad I don't look good in nude color though booo

  24. I actually like your sandals better than the DKNYs :D the gem stones caught my eyes ;)

  25. cool post here!!!!!!!!

    keep visitin!!!!!!!!



  26. I think your sandals are cuter than the ones in the DKNY line. Cute top!

  27. I like your sandals better than all the DKNY stuff! :D

  28. I love DKNY, but the the flats and wedged for this season are just not my thing, your sandals are much prettier! But DKNY bags are amazing!

  29. i love the black dkny bag..sooo gorgeous! and you look so cute in your hat and sandals...a lovely summery outfit :)

  30. those are REALLY great shoes =]

  31. hello , lovely! I love your straw hat... I have 2, but have not worn them yet. You have inspired me :):)

  32. Those sandals are so summery- LOVE!

  33. super cute! x)
    thanks for commenting on my blog dear :)

    following you anyway,
    please follow me back ;)

    Hello from Indonesia


  34. Such a cute outfit! Perfect for the beautiful weather we've (finally!) started having!


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