Monday, June 14

Closed: Time for a GIVEAWAY!!!

Today, let's switch it up a bit by presenting a giveaway here in my blog.

I've teamed up with Daniel Footwear to offer you a chance to win a £50 voucher for their online store! Daniel Footwear specializes in women’s shoes and designer shoes and has a fantastic range of handbags and accessories. Each member of the staff is dedicated to ensuring high quality products and high quality customer service. As a company they pride themselves on not only selling shoes but selling the latest looks, fashion trends and brands.

To Enter:
* You must be a follower of this blog, Animated Confessions.
* Visit Daniel Footwear and tell me your favorite item!
* Leave your email address for me to be able to contact you.

For An Additional Entry
(leave a separate comment per additional entry)

* Become a fan of my chictopia page by visiting the site, or clicking here
* Post about this giveaway in your blog and leave the link below to your blog post.

Daniel Footwear provides worldwide shipping so this giveaway is open to everyone! The voucher is good until July 7, 2010 and so the winner will be randomly selected and announced on June 27 (to give you time to shop more and order your items!). Good Luck!


  1. I love the bronx white/black wedges. I can pair it with anything on my closet. plus it's not that high so I can really walk around with it. ^__^

    Style and Soul

  2. So i totally love those brown wedges so much but since my internship involves A LOT of walking ( like 7 hours worth to be specific) i need something more comfortable like

    I do have to admit what gets my blood running are the gwen stefani L.A.M.B Navy G1416 Women's court ;

    (although I would not be able to wear them because i've had very embarassing experiences with shoes with the turned up edge lol)

    *did I mention i absolutely LOVE heels so having to wear flats all day everyday is actually killing me softly lol



    Love those. They are incredibly hot.

    awesome giveaway.

  4. So I saw your blog. I wanted to invite you to follow my blog. I developed the idea for "Featured Followers by Elle © " where I promote all my followers. Check out my blog @

  5. Great giveaway<3
    I am a follower and a fan :)
    I loathe the Daniel Bronze Jarlie Womens Clogs. I would pair them with an oversized tee and belted bow shorts! AW, it sounds wonderful...

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  7. I'm a follower :) Woot! awesome giveaway!

    My favorite item is D&G Tan DS1824 Womens Wedge

  8. of course i am a follower.
    you already know my email (:
    i am in love with the "D&G White DS1883 Womens Flat Pump," but even if i do win the $50 i don't think i could shell out the rest sadly :(

  9. andddddddd i am a fan on chictopia (:

  10. This is awesome, sybil! I'm a follower already.

    I love Vivienne Westwood Balck 3 Strap Elevate Mary Jane

    Way to go sybil!

  11. Wow talk about options! Following you already and my pick would be the navy See by Chloe wedges.

    *fingers crossed*! ;)

  12. YESSS what an awesome giveaway! And hooray for the fact that it's open to international readers. :D

    I love the Daniel Beige Fizzing Womens Wedge. It's ridonk. <33 and you KNOW I'm a follower! :D

  13. Firstly, thanks for visiting my blog and writing a comment!

    This giveaway is great! Daniel Footwear has such great shoes! I adore the clogs and the See by Chloe Navy Wooden Platforms.

    I'm now a follower, and I will tweet about this on twitter!


  14. Thanks Sybil for the getting-better-soon wish!

  15. Yay for a giveaway (a great one too!)
    My favorite is See By Chloe Tan SB14044 Womens Platform :)

    You know I've been your follower since Day 1 :)


  16. I'm also your fan on Chictopia :D

  17. I love the brown clogs! Gorgeous.
    I am a follower <3

    CHECKout my giveaway also babes
    Keep in touch gorgeous! KimboxKimboxKimbox xxxxxxx

  18. NICEEE !
    im following on google friend connect !
    kce064 chrisitian dior black patent heels are my favorite !

  19. Those shoes all look so nice! And I'm following on blogspot! I like the


  20. Ooh, what a fantastic giveaway =)
    I love the Daniel Beige Breum. It is a really cute pair of shoes for summer.
    I am a follower =)
    And my email address is
    By the way, I totally think that you can pull off cowboy boots. =)

  21. Yay!
    Thanks for offering the giveaway.
    I like all the melissa flipflops with the bows on the side. Cute.

    Oh, and I'm also doing a giveaway on my blog - check it out!

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  23. Thanks for the comment on my blog (if I didn't already mention it)! I'm a new follower and I love today's outfit (June 15). The jean jacket looks great with the skirt :) Please enter me in your giveaway! I'm loving all of the flats and I really have been looking for a pair of clogs!

    My favorite:
    Vivenne Westwood Beige Ultragirl-III Flat Pump
    Zandra Rhodes Pink ZRS1070 Womens Pump
    Daniel Tan Breccia Womens Clog

  24. Great giveaway! My favourite item from Daniel's are the D&G White DS1883 Womens Flat Pumps. They would be perfect with everything!

  25. Oh and I'm already a fan on chictopia.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. thanks for the giveaway!
    followed already =D
    my fave would have to be the Vivienne Westwood Red Zen Girl Flat Sandal because it's just so cute!! although i think that the Melissa Red 30425 Toe Post is really cute too..

    woot, go sybil!
    (oops i deleted my first one since it said "facts" instead of my name. fail lol)

  28. awesome giveaway!
    i just browsed their site and they have all these amaziiing shoes! picking one favorite is no easy feat but since im partial to clogs nowadays, i'd go for their Daniel Tan Jarlie Womens Clogs in tan

    and this gorgeous one-of-a-kind wedge is next on my list!

    i will post an image anchor on my sidebar for this giveaway. hope u dont mind if i use some of your images :)

    oh and, im your newest follower!


  29. hi! wow what a great give away! those shoes are just amazing! It is indeed, shoes are one of women's cravings! Loving all the shoes but my favorite would be -> Daniel Brown Vergela Womens Shoe...( It's really pretty and I think it is designed to make the foot slimmer with its T-bar and buttons up on the front :))
    -kim (

  30. All the pairs are gorgeous and fabulous
    I like all these kind of stuff..
    Gift Vouchers Online UK

  31. Following
    my favorite item: Ash Tan Milk Wedge

  32. Oh I am your fangrrrl on Chictopia love! :D

  33. See comment above. I also just started following your Chictopia postings! Can't wait to see who wins.

  34. Amazing contest and I wanted to also thank you for commenting on my blog :) I added yours to my favorites and look forward to chatting with you in the future

    This is a new website to me, but I fell in love once I visited, so thank you for sharing!
    My favorite pair of shoes would definitely have to be the LAMB Brown G1403 Pumps Womens Sans - they are beautifully designed with amazing uniqueness.

    Very awesome heels and very good contest :) thank you so much xx's --

    ashley nicole

  35. gah, there is so much on the site it is more than beyond hard to choose one! i think for now this: is my favorite. i'm really in need for a casual heel like this.


    p.s. i think we are chictopia friends, but if not i'll fix that!

  36. I follow your blog through Google Friend Connect!

    And I loveeee these gorgeous blue beauties:


  37. Entry 2:
    I also just became a fan of you on Chictopia! (I'm threefourfive)


  38. Im sooooo lusting over Daniel Tan Jarlie Womens Clog..Im really thinking about blowing my pay check on these there just to perfect.

  39. OH it will be amazing to win but i'm always an unlucky girl so ... Anyway i'll LOVE the camel heels platforms (in the last line).
    I'm following your blog of course.

    my email adress is :

  40. ENTRY:
    - Followed you
    - Followed ur Chicotopia (via Facebook login)
    - Post in My blog about this (on my left sidebar below my CBOX)
    - My favorite shoes is : Bronx White 3503 Flat Sandals

    Name : Nicoline
    Email: /

  41. Ooh spoilt for choice but I love the Christian Dior Black gladiator sandals KCE024 W.
    What a fab giveaway

  42. following u on google ! :D

    i love Daniel Denim Musical Womens Toe Post ! hope i'm the lucky girl ! :D

    e-mail :

    Rebecca :)

  43. Thanks for the comment on my giveaway post! :)
    I am now entering yours hehe!
    My fav pair of shoes from Daniel Footwear are these Bronx Tan Judy 3 Sandal! So pretty! I want them :D


  44. I LOVE these shoes;
    If I bought them I would probably share them with my mum because they're perfect for shopping and going out in! Plus we have the same size feet and both love these style of shoe :D

    btw, thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog!

    email: becalala@msncom

  45. I just featured this on my blog! :D

  46. Woot. I was just about to reply about your comment on our blog when I saw this! Good timing.

    I like the Bronx Tan Judy 3 Sandal. Stacked heels: not killer on the feet.

    A from

  47. Found out about your blog by "The Capricious Club". =)
    My favorite is Daniel Black Karley Womens Flat Boot and that's probably what I'll get if I win!
    Have a great Sunday!

  48. So this giveaway is beyond amazing. I'm drooling at those shoes. My favorite pair is definitely the D&G Tan Wedges ( I had to go and pick the most expensive pair, didn't I? A girl can dream, right? :)

  49. oh, and i'm a fan on chictopia! i could've sworn i added you before. i have so much catching up to do on chictopia...haha

  50. hey, i am your follower :)
    i am so in love with bronx white/black wedges. It is so cute. I do love wedges ! :)

    Anw good luck for everyone who joining :)

  51. I'm already following your blog!


    SO GOOD!

  52. Oh, for the additional entry I am following you on Chictopia.

    My e-mail address is

  53. My favorite item on the Daniel Footwear site is the "Black Karley Womens Flat Boot"

    I'm a follower and my email is

  54. ive followed you through google connect :)
    and i looovee this pair of Daniel Beige Giovanetti Womens Wedge
    these beige colored shoes are pretty chic yet so adorable.

  55. Firstly thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
    And I'd love to join this giveaway!

    I hv followed you via google connect :D
    And I love the Diesel Black Exposition High Converse Trainer
    They looks chic yet cool at the same time!

    My email is


  56. For additional entry anyway :D
    I hv been a fan of you on Chictopia
    I hv posted this giveaway below my latest post (Randomly Special, For You)

    this is great! :D



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