Saturday, June 12

trying my hand at diy..

let me warn you first by saying that i am probably one of the least creative person in the planet. but before all the career updates that happened last week, i decided to try my hand at diy-ing my old things just to keep me busy.

i have acquired so many shirts from the past, that shredding them was my best option. the shredding technique/style must have been so last season already, but what the heck, right?

get some scissors and a tee

cut the ends

start picking out the threads

continue shredding until desired shape, length, size

the less perfect it is, the more raw it looks

also, remember the package i got here? well it turns out that it's from new york design shop. they sent me a canvas tote and some ribbon pins/appliques to play with. i would have to say that they have amazing materials for your diy pleasure. plus, they have tutorials on how to use their stuff.

this ribbon that i got had pins at the back so i can easily attach them to anything. it totally ups the cute factor of any piece! hahaha! a pair of flats + ribbons = cute cute cute!

joe fresh flats, nyds ribbons

i tried to incorporate my diy stuff into one outfit today so i wore the shredded tee with a plain black skirt and pinned the ribbon and another brooch in front.

outfit: diy shredded tee and skirt from divi

forever 21 brooch, nyds ribbon & tote bag

and this is what happens because i use my self timer to take photos! major bloopers with some hair flipping, what?! hahaha!

Comment of the Day: The Petite Blogger
cute outfit! love the skirt!!! and loving ur diy shredded tee... ive tried this before and i gave up! :(

oh no! why did you give up?! im positive that anyone can do it. i don't have any sewing/artistic skills but i managed to do something out of my old tee.
oh and btw, thanks to all those who commented on my post regarding the job opportunities i've been handed. i really hope for the best this coming week! :D wish me luck!


  1. awesome diy. love the bag i LOVE diys lol!! Good luck with the jobs too!! its like life goes from 0 - 60 in a matter of days or sometimes hours.

    xoxo enjoy your weekend

  2. Great idea on the T-shirt! It looks awesome on u... hope I'll be able to do that.

  3. i love this diy post!!!! now i have an urge to shred a shirt. i used to just have an urge to shred paper (i always wanted one of those mechanical paper shredders) :P

  4. Cute outfit. I love that DIY shirt.

    Those shoes are adorable. Love bows.

  5. i remember the shredding technique. i was gonna try it but it looked like it took so much patience and time--two things i didn't have at the time hehe, but it looks like you've done a good job with it! are you done with it? or are you gonna shred more? :)

    ps. i am in love with the bow pins (obviously!) hehe. i should think of pinning some of mine to a pair of flats :)

  6. Love the shredded shirt look! Haha I don't think I'd have the patience to shred a shirt though. Cute tote too, and I love how you added the bows to your flats :)

  7. Those shoes are so adorable!

    Your blog makes me smile,

  8. Great post! Love the DIY elements. <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  9. seriously. the diy is super cool. and the flats with the ribbon is just super pretty, you're too creative!

  10. Wow great DIY!! the shredded tea is soo amazing.
    i love NYDS


  11. Thanks for the comment! Yes, it is hard to find the perfect job, but I'm sure we will find it soon! Btw, I LOVE your flats! The bows are so cute. They would go great with this Forever21 necklace, Pearlescent Bow Necklace

  12. i am loving what you did with that top!! i think i want to try this out myself!! looks hard though, so i hop i can do it as good as you!! and those bows are super cute!! loving the whole outfit too btw :)

  13. Wow you are amazing! I love how you did those DIYS. :) I wish I could do them myself. Good job!

  14. Those flats are adorable!!! :)) Love it so much!

  15. I want to try shredding my shirts too! :) Nice one!

    Style and Soul

  16. well done on the sure does take patience:) the bow is super cute too!

    eclectic du jour

  17. Wow, I really like what you did with your shirt, I would've never guessed you can do stuff like that with your old shirts. o.0
    And that cute bow on flats - LOVE it!!!

  18. At first I was skeptical about that detailing on the shirt. Then I saw a pic of you standing sideways. I must admit the shirt does look rather nice. Very interesting concept and it looks lovely on you.
    I loooooooooooooooooove being able to add little accessories to shoes. The ribbons are a nice idea as well. Can't wait for my NYC trip, I'm hoping to find lot's of cute accessories for my clothes.

  19. You know what you are so creative missy! I loven them alll <3 freeking great post :D:D xxx Keep in touch.

  20. I think you did a great job with your DIY attempt! I think someone is more creative than she gives herself credit for!

  21. Cool tee ! I love this outfit ! Cute shoe s!

  22. Love what you did with your shoes!
    And the tshirt is very rocknroll ;)

  23. Hi Sybli! Thank you :) They are images I googled and also found on Glad you love them! Love your blog too missy! I'm all about the DIY projects. So precious. xo!

  24. omg i can't believe you picked out all those threads!! amazzzzzles!

    keep up the fun DIY. love it.


  25. hello lovely!! thanks for your sweet comment!

    I have to tell you that I admire your creativity and crafty-ness... I am horrible when it comes to diy's! I start and never finish :(

    i need to establish more patience!! You have inspired me! I am going to get to work on a couple DIY's I have in mind! :):)


  26. U styled ur DIYS perfectly hun!! Luv it! xx

  27. SOOO CUTE darling!! love your d-i-y's. i can never do them. the only things i can do to my clothes:

    sew buttons...letters...ribbons...

    rip jeans

    cut old jeans to shorts

    rip my shirts / cut the sides off.


    ps: thank you for the lovely comment! i've been busy with dancing. i barely have any outfit posts anymore!

  28. urgh, I would never have the patience to shred a tee :p But good job, Sybil! I'm sure that took awhile to shred :)

    But I'm so in love with those glittered bow pins :D what a great way to spice up a pair of plain flats :D

  29. High five on the shredded tee! I'm a sucker for a good DIY ;)


  30. love the DIY!!! really nice idea!! Im gonna try that for sure:)

    Loving your shoes too btw,
    they're reallllly cute:)
    always Love some nice flats!


    Please visit & follow if you like:)

  31. The shredding on the shirt is awesome!! and the bows on your shoes are adorable!! Love it. GREAT DIYs!

  32. LOVE the home made things! You're creative that's awesome!

  33. that's what I'm working on right now.
    I've realized that it takes hours to get it done but is still fun!

    thank you for the comment by the way<3

  34. that's crazy!! :)) u deserve a prize for the shirt!


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