Wednesday, May 12

weekend getaway (part 2)

as im typing this part 2 post, i am in the comfort of my own room. it feels both nice and sad to be back here in winnipeg... oh well.. back to reminiscing then..

after having dinner in jasper, we decided to stroll around the small village to take pictures. the following day, we did that too. so basically, you have evening and morning shots of the jasper streets. hahaha! we even tried taking a scenic photo with the infamous dante's peak.
we had breakfast at smitty's and afterwards decided to drive around the north side of the village.
we, then, discovered Patricia Lake, which has the most amazing view of the mountains. the lake itself was huge! we had to cross this bridge to get to another part of it and of course we had to take pictures everywhere: from the woods, to the lake and the bridge! i promise, i'll go back here and stay at this part of the village.
we noticed that the clouds were starting to form and cover the mountains so we jumped back to the car and headed to another site.
since we didn't really know where we wanted to go, we just went with wherever the road took us. we saw a sign headed to some athabasca falls and so off we went there and discovered this trail that leads you to view the stream to the falls and lastly to a gorgeous lagoon.
heading back to calgary, we decided to go for the different longer route just so we can see a different view. honestly, i didn't know where we were. we were entering and exiting small towns, you know those towns that make you feel like you're in a horror movie?! hahaha! from mountains to prairies to farms and rivers... from mountain goats and bears (which i wasn't able to take photos of), this whole trip made me realize how beautiful and magical nature really is.
overall, it was one amazing trip! i am especially grateful that i was able to spend this time with a person i really love and treasure.
i don't know if you're going to read this, but, i want you to know that i'm so happy to have someone like you in my life. thanks for making this trip one of the most memorable experience i've had with you. we'll do this again some time.
i love you so much!


  1. AHHH THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!!!! You two make me so jealous! I wish I had a boyfriend as sweet as yours... :) <3

  2. aww that last picture is absolutely ADORABLE! :)

  3. SYBIL I LOVE THAT LAST PHOTO<3 his cousin is so nice to take all these cute photos for you two!

  4. You guys are unbelievably adorable!! I love these photos so much and it looks like you had a blast! xx

  5. Awww...looks like an amazing vacation!! Love your last picture! xxoxoxoxoo

  6. Luv ur pics!! Hope u are having a lovely wk! xxx

  7. Oh I really need to make a trip to Calgary now - it looks so beautiful and picturesque. And your food photos always make me so hungry and I JUST ate!

  8. Breakfast looks SO delicious! ANd what a gorgeous setting!


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