Tuesday, May 11

weekend getaway (part 1)

so here's the longer version of my weekend getaway post. i should warn you that this will be an image-heavy post! basically, i went with my boyfriend and his cousin to jasper alberta, which is around 4 hours away from calgary.
even though i've seen the roads before, the breath taking view of the mountains never fail to amaze me.
of course we had our stopovers to have lunch, take photos and stretch our legs out! hahaha!
before heading to jasper, we stopped by the ice glaciers area and went for the columbia ice fields tour. we had to ride one of those huge ice explorers just to reach the top!
upon reaching the top, we were stunned with the massiveness of the ice structures. words can't describe how gorgeous everything was. my camera doesn't do justice!
after the tour, we had another hour of driving, before finally reaching jasper!! we immediately booked a room for an overnight stay and looked around for some chinese dinner.

i'll probably stop here first since i need to get ready with my luggages. as many of you would have figured out, im behind with my posts. tonight is actually my flight back to winnipeg and it's really bittersweet since it will be awhile before i see my boyfriend again. *sighs*

anyway, i'll be back with more pictures from jasper, patricia lake and the athabasca falls on my next post.


  1. I'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE. Jasper that is. The food looks deliiiiicious :) I've missed you <3

  2. I want to go there TOOO! Looks so great, I'm jealous!

  3. these shots are amazing sybil! i'm so glad you had a nice vacation!

  4. These shots are great! It kind of looks sureal

  5. WOW I want to see all the gorgeous mountains too! I'm amazed you were able to keep warm in your outfit, I would've shivered to death. Haha

  6. Aw, that looks like SUCH a fun time! Ah! I love taking little trips!


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