Thursday, May 13

a couple of food trips

today, i spent the afternoon catching up with my boyfriend's family. after having dinner at their place, i went with his siblings to watch iron man 2 in the cinemas.
outfit: kamiseta tunic, dynamite blazer, ardene socks, aldo shoes

the bad thing is i forgot to take pictures of how my day went today, so just to keep my blog busy, i thought of posting a couple more photos from my calgary trip. here are some extra food trips i had back there.

i met up with an old high school friend and went to nellie's for brunch. mind you, i got lost trying to find this cafe downtown. hahaha!
a couple of days after that, i went for some japanese dinner with my cousin and her husband living in calgary. we went to kinjo and the place was so packed that we ended up waiting for 30 minutes before getting seated. it was well worth it because they actually had delicious food at affordable prices.
after dinner, my boyfriend and i decided to get some dessert at the cheesecake cafe. i'm a sucker for really good fattening cakes (hahaha!) so i didn't want to miss this place. we picked the callebaut cheesecake (bernard callebaut is a known chocolatier) and boy was it sumptuous and yummy!
that's about it.. hahaha! what a lame way to end this post. i hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as i did reminiscing on those food trips.


  1. wow.. im drooling!! i love sweets

  2. gaaahh too much food porn, i can't handle it x-D!!! and i love your outfit, too bad you only posted 1 photo :( the otk socks look great :D

  3. I agree with Kristy -- I'm DYING over here! Cheesecake is my faaavorite thing in the world!! @.@ and you look so pretty in your outfit. I love that you still wear Filipino labels from time to time (:

  4. I didn't enjoy the pictures! I want the real thing!!! ;)

  5. You always have the most delicious looking food on your blog! And I love the knee socks with your look!

  6. Ugh that cheesecake looks amazing! Great photos!


  7. omg YUMMMY

    that last pic is making me droool

    love the outfit too

  8. i LOVE your outfit! food looks so good!!!! i'm dying over everything: pancakes, pocky sticks, sushi, cheesecake (!!!!!)!

    i finally figured out how to put a links page and put you on! sorry it took forever! :D

  9. omg! pockyyyy ! lol. i've never been to kinjo's but this post really makes me want to go.
    not to mention that patty and those frenchys look yummy.

    i love your outfit. the floral print. & i always think that high ponytails are the best! love it. very simple and cute.

    & thank you for checking me out! <3 your space. the background is amazingly cool. :D hope to see more of you.


  10. Oh la la! I love, love your outfit on this post!!

    -Coco From Our Paper Moon


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