Monday, May 10

i'm alive!

i was out of town last weekend hence the absence here.
i need to totally update myself with online stuff. i'm so behind.
before that, let me leave you with a couple of photos from my trip.


  1. I can't get over how adorable these pictures are! Sybil, you two are the cutest people alive. My favorite is definitely the first one. :)

  2. Wow those pictures are so pretty!! The water looks spectacular in the last picture!!
    You and your man are ADORABLE :)
    I love the tree picture :) hehe!

  3. you are adorable<3 i'm so glad you had a lovely vacation!!

  4. Ahh I love these photos, especially the jumping shot! The first one looks like it was taken in Baguio, haha. Looks like you guys had tons of fun! :D

  5. you're alive, yay!! is that Banff? urgh jealous! :D


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