Tuesday, May 25

swaying through summer

my cousins came back from the states awhile ago and i decided to visit them in the afternoon after i got my beginner's license. it was nice to see what goodies they got back from their long weekend trip. of course we can't let the day pass without major goofing around. hahahaha!

they were nice enough to buy me a pair of sandals and a feather necklace. it's great because i can totally incorporate them in my summer wardrobe!

outfit: old navy top, joe fresh shorts, keds sneakers, f21 rings, sm headband

speaking of summer, i just want to let everyone know that sway.com is launching its site tomorrow! what got me more excited is that i received some images of the dresses they were selling on the site. basically, you sign up as a member and you get first dibs on whole sale prices of the dresses before they are set out in the public for retail (higher) prices. i don't know about you, but if i can get anything cheaper, why will i not take it?

watch out for more tomorrow as i review sway dresses

Comment of the Day: magpie
I read this book and LOVED IT! I've been to Bali and everything they say about it is true and more. Bali is TRULY a paradise and the best place I've been in my entire life. You should seriously go someday! It is the ONE place I would go if I had one place to spend the rest of my life.

now, i want to read the book myself. and lucky you for being able to go to bali. it's so funny how i used to live near indonesia (coz i lived in the philippines) and i haven't been there! people have said that bali is truly some form of paradise here on earth. now i have to add that to my go-to list! teehee!


  1. Teehee TO CUTE :):) I'm so stoked for Sway <3

  2. ahh sway! i'm so anxious for it to launch! :) anyway i LOVE you with that bow sybil and i'm so glad you're wearing it! this outfit feels a bit vintage to me and i love how casual and easy it is!

  3. Come to Bali! yes yes yes.. it is really a paradise! hahaha.. everyday is like holiday in Bali. ;)
    and i love your headband! too cute! ;)

  4. you are too cute! lol now you know I'm absolutely GREEN for your rings especially the gold one! ahh *drool* lol love the shorts btw!

  5. What a great nautical outfit! The shorts are sooo cute. (:

  6. cute pics!!;) and I love your rings!!!! fabulous!!!


  7. Cute, cute headband! I love it.
    Will have to checkout the site when it's launched!

  8. lovely rings and outfit! ur so cute and chic :)

  9. I have the same heart key ring and I love it! I also really like your headband.


  10. Love the Joe shorts! Too cute, especially with the headband! I love your big, warm smile too, geesh you're adorable!

  11. LOVE the rings, awesome. oh and thanks for the comment!

  12. oh and im following your blog! :D

  13. I have that exact same gold connector ring :D perfect accessory for this cute summer outfit! You know how much I love those shorts on you (since last summer!!!) and the striped head band is just tooooo cute <3

    Ahhh Bali, reminds me of home :) But here's a tip: don't go to Bali. go to other islands that are less touristy/commercialized. Bali has become quite expensive and very crowded. The beaches aren't as nice as they were before too (quite dirty actually). So next time you visit Indonesia, go to Lombok or Manado ;) Just my 2 cents!


  14. I love the gif! Really cute :)

    Gotta check out the sway dresses, too, they're adorable :)

    http://badtastetoasttoast.blogspot.com/ (I'm having a giveaway at the moment!)

  15. let's go to bali!!! haha :)
    loving that gif of you guys. it made me smile!

  16. You guys are so darn cute! I love it!

  17. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your gif animations are pretty fancy :-) Also, Love the rings!

    Drop by/follow anytime x

  18. oomgg the rings.. the ringss!! gorgeoouuss!!


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