Wednesday, May 26

the maxi dress resurfaces...

i figured that there is no better way to wear a maxi dress but today. it has been windy but sunny here in winnipeg, so the huge amount of fabric goes well with the blowing of the wind and my floppy straw hat is perfect under the sun and over my dishevelled hair! hahaha!

outfit: gifted maxi dress, walmart hat, janylin wedges

very worn out.. *tear*
on to some tv news...
did anyone watch glee yesterday? they had a lady gaga (and kiss) episode where they did bad romance and pokerface. and aside from that, they got to reinvent lady gaga's famous looks and outfits! hahahaha! look at them, so fun!!!
and since we're on the topic of lady gaga, have you heard of greyson chance?

well i just thought you'd enjoy that.. :)

Comment of the Day: Bad Taste Toast
I love the gif! Really cute :)
Gotta check out the sway dresses, too, they're adorable :)
(I'm having a giveaway at the moment!)

speaking of, they just launched their site as im typing this! and as part of their launch, they are offering free $10 gift cards for you to use to buy dresses off their site. you can sign up here to avail of that. i just signed up literally! yay!


  1. What a Chic summer outfit!!!! Love it! Ahh yes, the Lady Gaga Glee epi. was Great! And Greyson is so talented:)

  2. aww sybil, you're gorgeous in that maxi dress! and i remember seeing that greyson video! he's stunning and amazing. i love watching the faces of the girls in the background hahaha

  3. Wow, super pretty the long maxi dress! I wish it was warm enough for these kinda of cute summery outfit; Vancouver is still so cold... ;/

    -Coco from OurPaperMoon

  4. What a beautiful dress and shoes!

    Love that video. I've seen it before. He's sooo good.

  5. That dress is adorable! What a unique print.

  6. suuper cute!! I want your floppy hat for the beach! I hate when my face burns :s ....I saw one at h & m buut it was black and I don't really want to die from a heat stroke lol

  7. You look amazing! I love the big hat with the dress, it really pulls everything together.

    I've watched a total of 30 minutes of Glee in my life (and it sounds like a fun show, don't get me wrong, I just never got around to watching any more of it), and so I haven't seen the Lady Gaga video but I might have to youtube it or something. She is out of this world. I love how out of place the guy on the far right looks - like he's the one wearing the costume!

  8. another perfect summery look sybil!! i love it!

  9. glee goes gaga was amazing. i saw it last night, and i love your maxi dress the prints are just so adorable. want them badly. visit my blog, love, vdcouture


    And you look amazing in that dress Sybil! Really. The floppy hat was the perfect touch. (:

  11. just stumble on your blog. and you look so ready for summer in that maxi dress. i love the print perfect for hot weather! :)

  12. i love the epic but breezy nature of maxi dresses on women. you look great x

  13. u are an absolute vision in that maxi dress.
    im tres tres obsessed with maxi dresses rite now btw hahahha

    also LOVE ur hat...always wanted a big floppy one

  14. Love the hat! And I adore all of the colors on this dress, they look great on you :]

  15. Love it!
    I must be nice to feel Summer is actually around, its been crazy here in Seattle.

  16. Such an adorable blog :))
    I would love to invite you to my makeup and accessories giveaway:

    Can't wait to hear from you hon! <3 Have a wonderful day xxx

  17. j'aime beaucoup ta maxi dress ainsi que tes chaussures

  18. love how you did that animated image, so cool! i actually LOVE the maxi dress trend, but i couldn't pull it off.. i'm just too short! the skirt would drag and i'd end up stepping on it and.. it'd just be a mess. shucks.

  19. ossum post..dt lady gag thin is sooo funny...n a cute maxi :)


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