Monday, May 24

eat, pray, love

today's weather has been anything but sunny -- very cloudy and muggy. and based on my blog hopping, i've been seeing the same occurrence in different areas here in canada and us.

i decided to whip out some pieces in my closet that i haven't been able to wear for a long time., such as the dress and my oxfords. with regards to this dress, look out "clothes swappers", i just might put this in my list. i have too many black dresses with this same shape so it will probably be utilized by someone else.

outfit: smart set top, landmark dress, gojane oxfords, joe fresh belt
i was watching oprah awhile ago and she featured this upcoming movie by julia roberts. im not a big reader so it was only now that i discovered that the movie is based on a book, "eat, pray, love". im quite excited to see this on the theaters. i love feel good movies like this and i think that the scenery and script is amazing.

if you can eat, pray, love anywhere in the world, where would you be?
i would eat in mexico, pray in rome, and love in paris/nyc

Comment of the Day: Felicia Ynez
ahhhh omgosh. those kababs looks so delicious. wow i'm hungry. and i love your big bird shirt. haha. fashion seriously needs to be less serious some times. and I know I didn't let you know earlier, but I'd love to be in on your swap email!

i totally know and agree with what you mean when it comes to having fun and more spontaneous fashion choices! and yes, i did send you an email already regarding the swap! hope to hear from you soon. :)


  1. I read this book and LOVED IT! I've been to Bali and everything they say about it is true and more. Bali is TRULY a paradise and the best place I've been in my entire life. You should seriously go someday! It is the ONE place I would go if I haad one place to spend the rest of my life.

  2. dude i NEVER watch oprah, but i was at my friend's house today and she had it on so i saw gorgeous julia roberts talking about this movie! it looks AMAZING. :) hopefully i'll age as beautifully as she has.

    loving those oxfords by the way!

  3. really sweet x

  4. i want to watch this movie so bad.

  5. i reading the book atm! if i could choose one place in the world, i would def. choose beriut. i dont why, though :P

  6. You look so darling, like a school girl! Haha. Ooh the movie sounds great. (:

  7. love this post. visit my blog :)

  8. aaw you look lovely, i heart your oxfords anyway :)

  9. I really suggest reading this book!! It is still one of my absolute favorites!!

  10. super super cute dress, i love the ruffles

  11. nice blog! like your taste!

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  12. Thanks for the comment! I love your oxfords by the way, very very cute!


  13. So excited to see this. I LOVE Julia Roberts!!!!!

    I would eat in Italy, pray in Peru and love in Paris.

  14. looking forward to this movie too..
    actually, every movie with julia roberts..hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  15. cute dress I love hoe you paired it with the oxfords and socks!!

  16. I have the book but I have yet to finish reading it :( But I can't wait to see the movie, I think Julia Roberts is the perfect cast! :)

    I would definitely eat in Korea/Japan, but I still have to decide where I would like to pray and love in :p

  17. I saw the preview of the film when I watching SATC 2 at the theater (you can read my review on my blog). I am thrilled to watch this film. I wish to be the main character...a calling in me that is dormant. I think until August I will get a hold of the book.


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