Wednesday, May 19

some random fun things..

so we're having perfect summer weather this week and why will i waste it without getting out there and wearing my summer staples!
outfit: divi summer dress & sandals, walmart hat

all i need now is the perfect beach to bum around and lay all day..
speaking of summer, old navy is having their $1 flip-flop sale this saturday. it's the perfect time to stock up on them!!
on to random fun things... look at what i found all over the internet..
fashionable false eyelashes from paperself.

these are perfect for some fancy party or if you just want to feel extra fabulous for the day.. pretty cool huh?

LA Times Magazine's feature on 50 Signature Bags. I'm loving the illustrations!

Something similar to what I recently purchased. You can view them all up close in their site.

hope everyone's having a great wednesday. it's the middle of the week. im kind of stoked! i have a mock interview tomorrow, a driver's license test on friday and hopefully, i can watch some fireworks on sunday!


  1. I love your summery outfit, the colors and prints remind me of the ocean :) Oh I need some flip flops! I must remind myself to go to Old Navy this Saturday :)

  2. Your summer outfit is so adorable. I saw that article on handbags too and spent so much time analyzing each one. It's good to know you can see close ups on their website!

  3. Eek! I've been loving the weather too, though I have a sneaky suspicion that we might have to pay for it this weekend! You look adorable!

  4. Can I have all of those bags? I'd never buy one again! Also your summer outfit is adorable!

  5. Yay for floppy hats! (: and wow those falsies are fab!

  6. Love the "50 signature handbags"!

  7. très jolie photo de toi, très souriante

  8. Yay, the hat is back :D I remember you wore it very often last summer :D And my favorite handbags are the mulberry, givenchy, chanel, and balenciagaaaa <3

  9. Lucky you!!! The weather here in Seattle changes so much, its so BIPOLAR. I definitely have to go to Old Navy for $1 flip flops!

  10. That! That hat! I've been searching for a hat like that forever now...:)


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