Tuesday, May 18

an outfit and then some..

i spent the day invigilating over some accounting exams, hanging out with a bunch of university friends and preparing some things for my boyfriend in his parents' house (his parents are visiting him in calgary this weekend). aside from that, i pretty much ranted, i mean.. commented on how hot it has been all over the city.
outfit: f21 top, divi chains, pearls & pants, keds sneakers

instead of complaining, let me just share some interesting things i saw over the internet awhile ago. besides, i think i need to catch up on some fashion-related posts since for the past month or so, i've been giving you food porn and cheesy mushy relationship shenanigans. hahaha!
toms is having an espadrilles line!! perfect for summer!

alexander wang's silky front tie shirt skirt is just genius!

american apparel's 3-d flower mesh jumper, i want!!

upon closer inspection, it's made of skulls!!!

dumond stitch caged shoe. im in love!

different angle to the harness from armor jewelry

that's about it for today..
goodnight lovelies!


  1. absolutely gorgeous as always :) I really should update, eh? Never fear, I rant and whine and bitch incessantly... I guess my blog gets a bit lame to read after awhile!

  2. I sooo luv ur outfit hun!! I have missed u too, im updating regularly again : ) Have a lovely wk xxx

  3. I sooo love this outfit! The fit is great on ya dear. :D and oh my I want that Alexander Wang skirt!!!

  4. Such a cute outfit. And A. Wang has some amazing pieces. I wish I could rant about the weather being warm. Instead it's dismal and absolute drudgery. And that is saying something considering I love the rain.

  5. sybil, you look so chic!:D and love your Summer fashion picks, especially the TOMS and Skull Skirt (how awesome is that, huh???) I hope the weather picks up! Long weekend awaits :D


  6. love the skirt from wang, he is truly a genious !

  7. Oh I didn't even know that AA floral top existed! Its gorgeous. I just wanna run my hands all over it if I had it on haha (embarrassing)

  8. I want that american apparel jumper so much! great blog :)


  9. I love your Forever 21 top with the ruched sleeves - that is so cute.

  10. Lovin your outfit!!! Seriously want that shirt skirt! Sooooo Awesome:D It really is genius

  11. Hey! It's been a while, how have you been? Love the romantic ruffles of the sleeves paired with those black pants and big glasses! Super cute!

  12. I love the glasses! you need them more in pictures:)

  13. I enjoy your blog..its great.


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