Thursday, May 20

some exciting news..

i spent the afternoon trying to figure out the best position for taking photos in our backyard. hahaha! with summer finally here, days are extended so much longer and i end up playing dress up way too often. it's fun, you should try it. teehee!
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i was browsing through my closet and cabinets when i stumbled upon this striped headband and lace brooch that i have neglected for months. i wasn't really wearing any accessories with this outfit today, but i thought they actually went well with it.. what do you think?

outfit: divi cardigan, jacob top, old navy shorts, keds sneakers

f21 brooch & sm headband

as for my exciting news...
i have been recently contacted by someone to cover a launch for their fashion site. at first i wasn't sure what to make of it, but after seeing this video, i decided that their pieces, style and vibe is too fun to pass up.

Kyle Johnson X Sway from Phillip Conover on Vimeo. is a website where we give women the dream fashion job of being the designer and buyer of the brand, Sway. Each day, we will present an article of clothing that was produced meticulously and of highest quality by Sway. This piece of women’s wear will be sold in a daily deal to our community at wholesale, because we love our community and appreciate our community’s hard work of deciding what is hot, and what is not. After this ‘24 hour’ flash sale, this piece of fashion will be sold at full retail to the rest of the world.
their site will be launched tomorrow and to be honest, im probably as curious and interested as you are. im looking forward to seeing what items they'll be having on sale (hopefully lots of summer dresses!) and i will definitely update you guys on how to avail of the deals.


  1. THIS IS SO SO CUTE :):) I really should get back to blogging now...

  2. oh love the preppy look :D that headband is perfect with the outfit (and i love the flower pin!) Keep us posted with Sway :)

  3. Adorable look! I love when unexpected things (e.g. supercute headband and brooch!) pop up suddenly and totally make your day. Haha. :D

  4. great outfit, looks wonderful.

    that first picture is incredibly gorgeous.

  5. ahh i love you with bows!!! <3 wear more of them! you look so cute and summery and kind of school-girl-ish :) woo! sway contacted me too! i think i'll do my post soon! wee! it seems so cool!

  6. Pretty accessories! I love love love summer!

    Lots of love,

  7. Definitely need to check out this website now!
    Looove the cardi, by the way! One of my favourite colours - it just pops. ;)

  8. cute brooch! i'm going to check out the website, thanks! :)

  9. I love the brooch and headband! And congrats on getting to cover the launch, it sounds really cool :)

  10. i love your outfit! its so cute - reds are fab,hope your have a great weekend

  11. Aw you lucky girl - looking forward to your reviews about Sway :) PS love the red cardi with the brooch

  12. Love the preppy look dear :) very playful!the brooch is so cute!you look great!


  13. Love the outfit. :3
    I'm from Winnipeg too! Only difference in blogs we have is that I'm a plus size fashion blogger!


  14. i found this outfit so fun and cute when you posted it in Chictopia. got an email from Sway too. i had some questions and clarifications that i shared with them though. :)

  15. Oh I love this fun and girlie look! The headband is such a nice addition!

  16. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
    You can also join my GIVEAWAY!
    Love, Cindy.

  17. I was contacted by Sway too!
    I did have a couple of questions for them though, because I received two different emails from two different people which made me think it was some kind of junk mail of scam, but then I saw some articles about it online and stuff? That video is interesting, I'll be waiting on their reply though !

  18. LOVE the layered look with shorts..i gotta try this! i need a cute cardigan like yours!


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