Monday, May 3

saturday shopping

i spent the whole saturday afternoon walking around the mall and trying to get stuff for myself and my family. but before heading there, we stopped by a farmer's market just to look into what they're selling there. it's quite amazing how they have all these fresh produce and also a wide variety of ethnic ingredients.

afterwards, headed to crossiron mills. i was just really looking forward to buying clothes from the only forever 21 store here in calgary. but the lines to the fitting room were so so long that i didn't even bother buying any piece of garment. i did, however, get a purse and quite a number of connector rings. hahaha!

walking for hours made my boyfriend, his cousin and myself really tired and hungry so we ended up going downtown to grab dinner. we had mongolian food!!! yum yum! damn, this trip is making me fatter and fatter. aaahhh!


  1. ahh i'm dying to see how you're gonna style that bow ring!! i saw that bag at f21 and wanted to buy it! it's so much cheaper than the real alexander wang :) and i must say...the clouds in that first photo are so surreal! they're perfect!

  2. OGHWGIOHWGIOWEG THAT STUFF ALL LOOKS SO PHENOMENAL. This reminds me why I love shopping and eating SO MUCH. I cannot wait to see you wear all of these pieces <3

  3. I love checking out new and interesting grocery stores! What a nice day!

  4. Oh what fun, I think I've been to that mall in Calgary before!

  5. Wow I love your rings! (: looks like a pretty awesome day!

  6. oh mongolian bbq, hahaha.. that's some crazy food!;) love the purse you got, looks like one of A.Wang's bags :) and connector rings, woohoo! i also place an order on..wait for it.. 5 connector rings from F21 yesterday! hahaha.. :D

  7. ughh waiting room lines at forever 21 are always hell. i usually try to hit up the store during non peak hours. love that purse! it does resemble an alexander wang purse!


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