Monday, May 3

ikea day

can i just mention how i have been so bad in documenting my outfits throughout this trip?! aaahhh!!! i'll try and repeat them when i get back to winnipeg so that i can upload them here and in chictopia :)

today, it was my first time to visit an ikea warehouse. what an experience! :D i wasn't able to take pictures inside, but i was clearly surprised with all the stuff they sold there!!! being quite a neat freak, i especially admired the organizers they had!

afterwards, we went for some vietnamese soup and vermicelli at Pho. :) yummy seafood satay goodness!


  1. i really like ikea!! items are always nice and so easy to build up ;)

  2. love that vermicelli dish, i always order it with extra fish sauce :p yes, IKEA is the best place to relax. I'm planning to visit IKEA soon to get some inspiration on how to decorate my future place :D

  3. Mmmmmm pho.......... I'm drooling as of now. :) I LOVE IKEA, just sayin'.

  4. i love Pho haha <3

  5. ohhh ikea! love love that place.
    and mmmm pho omg! so good!! haha at the pho place we go to the lady knows us because we go so often!


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