Sunday, May 2

birthday boy!

im a bit late with my posting since the weekend was packed with roaming around the city and such. i want to start with what i did last friday since it was the whole reason why i went here in calgary. hahaha!

outfit: suzy shier top & jacket, aa skirt, keds sneakers, f21 ring

so my boyfriend celebrated his 24th bday with me and his 2 cousins. after coming home from work, i surprised him with some cupcakes and a signed card from our friends back in winnipeg.

after that small bit, we went out for dinner at koreana restaurant. hurray for korean food!! i mean, let's just make the pictures speak for themselves..

to let our stomachs digest the tons of meat we ate, we walked around prince island park and watched the beautiful sunset.

we capped the night off watching the movie, date night. overall, it was a pleasant day for both the birthday boy and myself.

happy birthday!!!! :D


  1. You two honestly melt my heart.... <3 This is way too adorable for words!

    P.S. The food looks fantastic! xo

  2. My birthday wishes to your Love. :) Love the Leather jacket. :)

  3. my my!! look whos looking gorjaz.. hapi b!

  4. AHHHH<3 you two are so cute sybil! i'm so glad this was possible! he's one lucky man! i love your outfit! it's adorable especially with the kids and your hair! wasn't "date night" hilarious?! i loved it! and i LOVE korean bbq! i had some last night! yummmyyy! enjoy the rest of your vacation dear<3

  5. i love the pictures. you two are sooo cute! happy birthday to your boyfriend dear! <3

  6. Aw it does sound like an amazing day! You two look so sweet together (:

  7. Happy birthday to the boy! And you're making me miss Korean food so much right now grrrrr

  8. happy birthday to your boy. looks like you had fun. and ate korean food! yum.

  9. happy birthday to the boy! gaah, he just turned 24? i feel so old (even by a few months!):p and korean food IS the best way celebration food!!:D


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